Hero Down: Detective Benjamin Marconi Assassinated


Hero Down: Detective Benjamin Marconi Assassinated

San Antonio, Texas – San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi was assassinated in an unprovoked ambush today in front of his Police Headquarters, this is who he was.

UPDATE: The assassin is in custody. Click HERE for what we know.

Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, was outside of the San Antonio Police headquarters on a traffic stop writing a ticket. A black car pulled up behind the officer without him noticing. The occupant of the black car walked up to the drivers side window and shot Detective Marconi in the side of the head. The assassin then leaned into the police car and fired another shot into the officer’s head.

Benjamin Marconi

Suspect car

The suspect then got into his car and drove away. He is still on the loose. Authorities say that he is a black male around 5-foot-7, wearing a gray sweatshirt and black baggy pants. The suspect also had a beard.

UPDATE: More information release about the suspect who is still at large! Click HERE for the update.

Detective Benjamin Marconi was a 20 year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department. He makes the 7th officer shot and killed in Texas this year.

We will bring this human piece of garbage to justice soon. Until then, keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six, officers.

“We ask that all Texans join us in praying for the officer’s loved ones as they deal with the aftermath of this unimaginable tragedy,” Texas governor Gregg Abbott said. “Attacks against law enforcement officers will not be tolerated in Texas and must be met with swift justice, which is why I look forward to signing my Police Protection Act into law – making targeted attacks against law enforcement a hate crime.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the San Antonio Police Department and Detective Benjamin Marconi’s family and friends.

Detective Benjamin Marconi, your life mattered.

  • Olegario Martinez

    RIP brother! And to the family and friends of Detective Marconi, I will keep you in my prayers.

  • s.d

    Rest In Peace…..that scumbag will get his soon!

  • Joanne Hing

    Condolences to Detective Marconi’s family and friends. Hope they catch the killer soon. Justice will prevail!!

  • a z

    People who supported Hillary/Obama should carry this guilt till they die..they supported a situation that condoned this murder and many like it. Curses.

    • Nico James

      So does that mean trump supporters should carry guilt for the neo-confedrate nationalists who shot the cops th roast week in Iowa, Wisconisn, Missouri and Westenr PA?! Let’s not be hypciritcal now..

      • Abiss

        Link please?

      • Sportydog

        Trump didn’t start this crap, Obama did!

        • Jose Cuervo

          How did Obama start this please enlighten us. Perhaps after the meth wears off you will come to

          • Sportydog

            You’re obviously not paying attention, stop watching the Clinton news network.

          • Sportydog

            Get off of the meth, and do some real research, unless you’re not capable of understanding the truth.

        • Malik shabazz

          Oh so no police got killed until Obama took office? See if you’re gonna be racist try at least not looking all the way ignorant

          • Sportydog

            Cops death by gunfire are up 67% from 2015 and overall deaths are up by 13% dikhead!

          • Malik shabazz

            I care why?

          • Sportydog

            Yea, racist and name calling, libs always let you know they have small minds! Can’t you at least be original, or doesn’t that go with your agenda!

          • Sportydog

            Look at the charts dipsht, especially obama’s hometown of Chicago. Cops weren’t being assassinated like they are now. When did facts matter……

      • Alexandra

        A deranged man who should have been institutionalized but we can’t do that because the ACLU won’t allow it. Not so sure the black male who assassinated the police officer was deranged. But who knows. I can’t wait until they catch him…and they will catch him.

      • Chuck

        Nope, because Trump hasn’t been in power to actually do anything yet. 8 years of Obama’s anti-police rhetoric has led to this.

    • Jose Cuervo

      so the executioner of a brave innocent officer was sent by hillary?
      is what you are saying? This killer was driven by hillary supporters?
      Stop being a sheep and think for your self. Respect the fallen in silence and shut up. You make no sense

      • Keith

        You have no respect so shut up

        • Mike Gonzalez

          Quit responding to that jackass. Just block him, like I did. All I see now is “This user is blocked”. I smile every time I see it.

    • przhm

      This is a set up – disengage. Don’t let yoirself get hooked into this employee of Soros’ attempts to enrage you.

  • Ferrisofthemall

    Muslim Brotherhood

    • Kathryn Botard

      That is what I am thinking.

  • Ferrisofthemall
  • Roger Pauley

    black revenge,,,not good…Obama’s hate speech.

    • Jose Cuervo

      Shut up and respect the death of a brave officer with silence. People like you is why Trump was elected..
      The Racist Sheep Follows the Ass of the sheep in front… Even if said sheep’s Ass is covered with shit. . Grow a brain and stop eating sheep shit meth head

      • drew

        Obama has done nothing to curb this behavior. This has escalated under his watch and he has given more attention to dead black criminals at the hands of law enforcement than the men and women who protect and serve that lose their lives to black criminals. That isn’t racism, that’s a fact. He was at browns funeral. That officer was found to be in the right by using deadly force to defend himself. But where was he when the two NY officers were executed? Any Texas officer? Orlando? Miami? Anywhere? He could have passed an executive order to make this a hate crime or act of terrorism. That would have at least been something.

      • Robert Furness

        Jose Cuervo Your Talking A Load Of Shit Its People Like You Are The Reason This Is Happening With Your Kind Of Mindset.
        You Have No respect For Other People.

        My Thoughts And Prays Are With The Family.

      • Sheryl Folk

        Jose Cuervo, President Trump is not a racist. The only reason you are saying that is because of the snips of comments taken out of speeches. The media took a few words out of context to get him labeled as a racists. You are the sheep my friend. This is a tragedy and yes we need to honor our fallen hero. But when the DNC brings mothers of criminals shot by police on the stage, they are supporting this bunch of nonsense. So just stop with your hate replies

  • summer30134

    I’m so sorry to hear about this officer. Hope you catch the monster who did this! Sharon from wisconsin

  • Watcher

    This whole site is nonsense.. They just created it to antagonize those who support the black lives matter movement. I can’t even imagine this many people moaning and lamenting in the Roman civilization about one of their Fallen Soldiers. They even go as far as to name the movement after the black lives movement…like they are civilians??! It’s almost like a Pussy’s R Us commercial. In 2015 986 civilian lives were taken by police officers; a total of 127 officers died that year. All lives matter…but are you really looking for sympathy! What a confederation of dunces, lmao!!

    • Abiss

      Seems to be working, huh?

      • CherylG

        Islam is illegal in the US & Obama knows it. Not because it’s a religion so don’t say that to me,it’s because what Islam stands for. Islam is trying to take over this country & destroy it as we know it. There are places here that teach NOT about the Constitution but nothing but Sharia Law. The US People needs to wake up & stop fighting each other!!

        • Jose Cuervo

          Get off your Meth. W trash Lady.. Blah blah. Smoking Your meth and drinking smirnoff is more illegal
          You are an idiot with your rhetoric racist rant. Anyone can teach anything. If you are as stupid as a sheep you will follow. American Idol, reality TV is all followed by sheep like you. You are the one who needs to wake up from your cheap vodka and meth stupor. Moron

          • Keith

            What an idiot^^^^^

        • Mike Gonzalez

          See that little down arrow to the right? Click on it and block that foul mouthed idiot that calls himself Jose Cuervo. I did and it’s much nicer in here, now.

          • janie

            Mike Gonzalez, Thanks! Works for me too!

        • przhm

          You’re quite right and very well informed. Don’t let this Soros’ employee hook you into this rhetoric. He needs the Soros job so we should at least let him post but just don’t respond

    • Sportydog

      Your on the wrong site dikhead.

    • silver-falcon

      you are comparing apples and oranges – surely you are smart enough to realize that. If a civilian is firing on officers, that is a different situation. You need to break your numbers down. When the officer is vindicated by DoJ, as in Ferguson, do you still say it is wrong. When officers come under ambush fire should they not respond. I have a separate issue somewhat involved. Is looting and burning black owned stores justified before any facts are known?? How do you justify doing that damage to your brothers or are they not your brothers because they have worked 60 hour weeks and invested their whole life in the business that was just destroyed?? Are you not being your own worse enemy.

  • Matthew Johnson

    RIP Hero.

    My deepest condolences to his friends and family.

    I hope the POS never makes it to his trial. I hope the POS suspects name is never even mentioned in the news. The suspect doesnt deserve for taxpayers to pay for his sorry existence in prison, costing millions. The suspect doesnt deserve for his name and picture to get even 1 minute of fame.
    I hope this POS gets exactly what he deserves.

  • Jeremiah

    Condolences to the family of officer Marconi.

    God Bless you and you are in our prayers.

  • Sportydog

    This is such a horrific crime, I hope his a$$ gets blasted when they catch up to him. RIP…..my deepest condolences to the family, friends and LE family…

  • mmazzi

    They need to be shot just the way they’re doing it. No arrest; no jail – just finito!! Dam this BS.

  • Sharon Neumann

    Not just a hate crime. When targeted and shot deliberately this should be a crime of treason. Take it to a federal level for the death penalty of hanging till absolutely sure they are dead. And no big need story on them, just public announcements – without discussions. If people want, they can find all the public records themselves.

  • Mike Klarman

    I am running out of words but not tears to describe how truly sickening these incidents are. These sick, evil human beings must be stopped. Make an exception and bring back a mandatory death penalty for these hateful situations. RIP Det. Marconi 😔

  • Mike Klarman

    You are 100% correct.

    • Jose Cuervo


  • Jerry Cronister

    Very sad….Prayers too the family!

  • Brenda Stines Mills

    mandatory death sentence for killing a police officer….

  • OhverSeer

    Dark skinned male…

    San Antonio…

    Pick a side lawmen.

    You’re either FOR the law or you are AGAINST the law.

    I just saw on CBS News the L.A. Police Chief proclaim that he will NOT enforce federal immigration law.

    Police unions MUST speak out on this issue.

    The Blue Flu will help persuade liberal mayors to comply.

    Failure to speak out will cost law enforcement the support of millions of
    law-abiding Americans who have had it with criminal sanctuary cities and
    illegal aliens.

    • CherylG

      So in others words,they are saying it’s ok now to harbor a fugitive in the places were sanctuary cities are? That’s what they might as well be saying,IMO. I don’t see this ending well for the ones doing this.PROTECT OUR OFFICERS AT ALL COST!!!

  • 959

    We must not let the actions of someone not in their right mind blind our faith in America. The person that did this will be brought to justice and punished within the laws of this state. Making such hateful post even though it may make you feel better does not help. Lets not give these animals the attention they crave, but protect our forces in blue and keep a watchful eye on our towns and nation.

  • Jose Cuervo


  • Jose Cuervo

    If Obama was White.. would you say the same… ?Drumroll…….waiting patiently for your rhetoric incoherent racist rant reply… You can put down your whiskey now

    • ucr2027

      Pendejo, get off your mammas nipple

    • Terrie Sue Prior

      Obama is half white, or did you conveniently forget that, Jose.

      • Kewntavious_Jayboon

        And all dipsheet . ..

  • Jose Cuervo

    You are a disgrace to pull race card An officer has died. Pay your respect with out the negative rant. Perhaps you don’t have morals and Perhaps you were a dishonorable discharge? Shut your piehole and pay respect in a moment of silence shit burg

  • Jose Cuervo

    No You are A sheep. I want to hear your baaa rant. A sheep can only say baa. You cant give me a logical explanation. It is easier for you to call me stupid .. same as a sheep saying baaaa

    • Keith

      Ur the sheep if you think Obama did anything but what a vet saud

  • Jose Cuervo

    jeopardy music plays as you try to respond.

  • Chris

    As an example. The military needs permission from the president to get 4 days off in a row. This will be the only 8 year period that military members haven’t gotten off on black Friday…

    • Due Diligence

      This is no joking matter.

  • Mark Finch

    another cop that let his guard down -cant do that !!!!

  • Vicky Davis

    “Police Protection Act” not a good idea. There are already laws on the books – extra penalty for killing or injuring a police officer.

  • Keith Williams

    Swift trial with limited appeals possible. Quick death penalty with public hanging might slow it down some. At least it worked in the old west.

    • Mike Gonzalez

      I would say death by firing squad, but that would be a waste of good bullets. Ropes can be used over and over.

  • Mary

    And people wonder why people are leary of someone in sweatshirts and baggy pants – especially when it’s 100 degrees outside!!!

  • Derek Ingram

    Godspeed Officer.
    From an officer across the pond.

  • janie

    What a very sad Day! Praying for the family!

  • przhm

    This is a set up – disengage. Don’t get hooked into this employee of Soros’ attempts to enrage you.

  • DAY8293A


  • Due Diligence

    This officer was a hero. So are the rest of the officers who do their duty without flinching. All of us civilians, of whatever race, political party, or creed, are poorer because of the loss of such a man. Let’s live up to his standard, and not go bat stuff crazy as a result of this.

  • Mike Russell

    This article has reached me all the way out here in the middle of the Pacific ocean in Hawaii. I am heart broken that this tragedy has happened. I am joining the boys in blue down here to help stand up for this! We can only unite to end this outrage

  • Skeeter Wolf

    R.I.P. Detective.

  • PeteNice

    Light this chimp up when you see him boys

  • Valerie Hebert

    Um, no. This is the beginning of Trump’s White Supremacist Legacy.