Ben Roethlisberger Makes Good on Promise to Police

Ben Roethlisberger supports local police departments across the nation.

Ben Roethlisberger supports local police departments across the nation.

Ben Roethlisberger Makes Good on Promise to Police

Gloucester Township, NJ – When others sat down for out flag, Ben Roethlisberger offered to support police. On Saturday, Gloucester Township Police posted on Facebook that Roethlisberger made good on that promise.

As the 2016 football kicks off, the lives of players are now in overdrive with games, practice, travel, and intensive game preparation.  But one player and avid police supporter, Steelers star quarterback was not too busy to stop by one department.  In doing so, Ben Roethlisberger makes good on promise to police.  A promise we showcased in a story HERE over the summer.

This week kicked off the 2016 USPCA National Patrol Dog Trials hosted in Gloucester Townshp, NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia.  The week-long event will put police K-9 and handlers to the test from around the nation.  The competition draws dogs from around the nation and will showcase their skills.

It just so happened that the Steelers quarterback was in town for a road game against Philadelphia this week.  Competitors at the event received a surprise supporter when Ben Roethlisberger made an appearance, Gloucester Township Police reported on their Facebook page.  While there, he made good on a promise to donate funds for a new K-9 to local department near the city of any Steelers road game.  Ben gives the funds through his foundation The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation.

This year’s recipient in the Philadelphia region was the Willingboro, NJ Police Department.  Located just across the Delaware river from Philadelphia, the town is in the thick of Eagles country. Although, I’m sure that today you may see some Steeler yellow on the backs of the Willingboro Police members, and rightfully so.

As Roethlisberger makes good on promise to support police, he stands out as an athlete who stands up for the truth and what is right.  His support for the men and women behind the badge comes at a time when athletes are gaining notoriety for being anti-police.  Last year alone, he donated over $170,000 to K-9 units across the country.

Here at Blue Lives Matter, we thank Big Ben for his support.  With him, we have a role model for young athletes to see what it means to go against the grain.


  • ladywriter24

    I am not a fan of football at all. the last game I saw had John Elway still playing in it. But this young man in the article is an inspiration and I thank him for what he does. . to all LEO’s out there: STAY SAFE.

    • John Wood

      If you knew how he treated women you may feel differently lol. Cool what he’s doing for cops, but the man’s a criminal.

      • Ryan Sweitzer

        John Wood, Ben was setup during that time by a girl just wanting to get some money and fame in all the wrong ways. Ben has since become a husband, a father, and a model citizen. If you really felt strongly on the matter there wouldn’t be an “lol” in your comment. Other players and people throughout need to start standing up on this matter. Just glad to be a fan of a team that doesn’t see it fit for any bull during our national anthem.

        • John Wood

          Set up by one girl when he was accused openly three times? Math much?

  • CarolinaCries

    Never been a big Steelers fan, but from now on I will pull for them. A pro who sees what’s really happening is rare these days. I’m still boycotting the NFL until they make them stop disrespecting our Veterans and the Flag.

  • AuteursRevenge

    WHat, he promised to rape all their daughters? lol he’s a fuckin’ rapist and you guys are on this guys nutsac like he’s done some great humanitarian good. He is not.

    • Matt Froehlich

      Get educated idiots. Two cases, the second fed off the first. The first was filled by a scorned lover who openly bragged about carrying Ben’s baby. When she realized that were not a couple, she wanted to stalk Ben in Pittsburgh in hopes of “running into him”. When her friend told G her that was a bad idea, she filled a civil suit a year later.

      The second case was investigated by the Georgia GBi. They couldn’t even create a DNA profile! The rape me was NEGATIVE, and the Bible Belt Prosecutor for the media new didn’t even have probable cause. Not to mention that his drunken accused said this alleged rape took three seconds and that she couldn’t remember what position that were in.

      All facts. Go ahead and Google “media lynching of Ben Roethlisberger”.