Ben Roethlisberger Stands Up To Black Lives Matter Rhetoric, Donates To Police

Ben Roethlisberger raises money for police K9s.

Ben Roethlisberger raises money for police K9s. (Flickr/Keith Allison)

Ben Roethlisberger Stands Up To Black Lives Matter Rhetoric, Donates To Police.

With the NFL season right around the corner, many teams are suiting up for the first time this weekend in a series of pre-season games.  For many donning pads, their careers will be short-lived as some will leave packing after a less than fantastic showing.  But for one MVP, making the most of his moments in the NFL goes hand in hand with giving back.

For the 10th year in a row, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is donating funds to police and fire agencies across the United States.  His efforts will support K-9 units or allow departments to purchase K-9’s for the field.  Ben said in a statement on his website, “We’re very fortunate to be in the position that we are able to help these K-9 units. The work that is performed by the dogs and their handlers as well as the bond that is formed is incredible. We’re just thrilled to do our small part.”  Ben’s message to the police and fire community is clear:  We are valued by this high profile athlete.

Last year Ben’s charity, The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation donated $170,000 to agencies across the country, $93,000 of that alone went to departments in the Pittsburgh area.  Obviously, Ben Roethlisberger not only stands for us, but he takes action to participate in what we do.  Departments these days are under budgetary strains and law makers are asking them to do more and more.   Police in particular are feeling the burn of constantly doing more with less.

One recipient from last years grant, Beaver County, PA Sheriff Tony Guy showed his appreciation,“At a time when the responsibilities associated with protecting and serving our citizens is becoming greater, and our budgets are becoming smaller, the grant from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation to the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is truly a Godsend.”

According to Ben’s website, the two time super bowl champ will be giving eight grants to communities in the area of each Pittsburgh Steelers away games.  This years communities will be focused in and around Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Buffalo, and Cincinnati.  Agencies seeking the grant must apply on website, but hurry because the applications must be received by August 15th.  Don’t wait to share this article with agency members who may be interested.

It is a breath of fresh air to get this message and action of support from Roethlisberger.  In a time when many celebrities and athletes are focused on everything Black Lives Matter, from anti-police “activism” and pandering uninformed thought – to just downright criminal behavior, we welcome this message from Roethlisberger.  The police have truly found a friend in Ben.

To find out more or apply for a grant, click the link below:

  • TivoliEclipse

    You can’t stop paying taxes. But, you can stop generating revenue by buying only what you absolutely need. If its broken but — it works, don’t fix it. Stop consuming sh*t — including systemic racism… unless you like being considered pits and pretzels.

  • 412 Sports

    How exactly is Ben “standing up to black lives matter rhetoric”? You know, it is possible to support police without being opposed to any particular civil rights movements..

    • Tim Jefferson

      I was thinking the exact same thing while reading this article. I didn’t see any quotes from Big Ben in this article and It’s just my guess that he’s not going to be happy when he finds out someone is using his name and good intentions to stir up what right now is a overly Controversial issue. It just seems to me that the person who wrote this article isn’t trying to do Ben any favors and just simply wants to keep the a fight going. Pretty sad statement when you think about it. We all matter. Get over it. No one is any better than anyone else.

      • Stratcat

        Your last 3 sentences would be considered “racist” and “offensive” by BLM.

        • Rosalind Stanley

          Black lives do matter and I don’t think the generous donor said anything about one life mattering more than another. It has been shown over and over again that American society discriminates against black Americans and other minorities. We should all be equal. I admire honest law officers who put their lives on the line everyday, black, white, latino or any combination thereof. But, no one is to be treated any differently under the law and no one is above the law, especially not law enforcement officers.

          • Stratcat

            But blacks wants to be exempt from the law, according to BLM’s list of “demands”. If you deny them that, you are a racist bigot. They do not want equality, they want superiority over all.

          • Lena

            Stop with the lies.

          • Stratcat

            Google it. It’s a popular news item: “BLM’s List of demands”

      • Lyn Hamilton

        he’s a rapist and deserves whatever he gets.

    • PBstlrs

      Blm isnt a civil rights movement, they are a group of thugs that should be dealt with by lead tips. If they were a legitimate Civil Rights Movement then they would be protesting in Chicago in Detroit where blacks are killing blacks by the dozens every week.

      • Lynn B


      • Carl Dunlap

        While there are thugs showing up for protests, there are many individuals that are honestly attempting to draw attention to a serious problem. Advocating murder is a crime, and saying the protests aren’t driven by real concerns due to not protesting in the cities you think should be taken care of is ridiculous. Martin Luther King marched in Selma and Washington D.C., and according to your “logic” he wouldn’t be considered a civil rights leader. Your entire statement sounds like the voice of bigotry.

        • Sue

          They ARE a serious problem. Does ANYONE think that this is the kind of shit that MLK would be remotely proud of?

          • Carl Dunlap

            Would you care to clarify which “they” you are speaking of; the they that are the thugs, or the they that are attempting to call attention to a serious problem in our society?

          • Sue

            The thugs are the real problem. They take an already serious problem & compound it with their insanity

          • Carl Dunlap

            That I agree with entirely. It also gets those who are attempting to aid in the betterment of society charged for the criminal element’s acts. I do not agree with all of the tactics used by BLM, but at least the originators do have legitimate problems we need to face. Many of the group have also distanced themselves from the looters, and asked them to stop. It hasn’t helped, but they did try.

        • Julie Keller

          MLK protested peacefully….BLM stirs up riots wherever they go!

          • Carl Dunlap

            While I agree there are riots attached to some BLM protests, not every protest has riots. From what I’ve seen from several sources, riots are perpetrated by non BLM members most of the time, and there have been interviews of movement members who have denounced rioting.

      • Levelle Bka Doulow

        Group of thugs? If you werent a uncover racist you wouldnt label a group of people thugs and you never met not one group member…not just BLM but blacks period do protest the shit that goes on on Chicago and Detroit but the media pick and chooses their focus..but the difference is when blacks kill each other we are convicted and prosecuted for our actions but the cops NEVER have any consequences for any of their wrong doings..thats why BLM even exist dumbass..theyre not thugs or a hate group like your Klan..not to mention you have non racist whites and latinos protesting with them..racist people always sound and make yourselves look stupid! Now tell Ben Rapistberger to donate money to the victims he raped..but the media kept that quiet..i wonder why?

      • happy2live

        AND innocent CHILDREN getting killed by bullets from the gang bangers…so sad and no riots or support in ANY way for these poor children! F’d up situation!

      • Fred

        BLM is nothing but a domestic terrorist organization.

        Klan with a tan.

    • savetheflagnow

      Black Lives Matter are domestic terrorists !

  • Kelly Fontes

    Charles Jackson you sir are a typical media POS.

  • Anthony Jones

    Stop misrepresenting what he is doing with your misleading headline. He is donating to the dogs not the pigs for the 10th year in a row. He’s been doing this long before BLM.

    • True Conservative American

      U r a pig. Ben is donating to the police out of respect and admiration for the work the do

  • disqus_wdLdx4W76r

    Didnt see one quote from Ben.. Lmmfaoo GTFOH. Stop it already

    • Vince Dabecco

      Second paragraph, twice. Those two hash mark thingies are called “quotation marks”. It was taught in 2nd grade English class when I went to school. Sometimes referred to as “Punctuation”, sound familiar?

  • Lynn B

    Damn good Man !!!!

  • Debbie Leach

    Although I have never been a Big Ben fan I commend you for your generosity and support for our police officers all around our country! Thank you….

    • GodwinsLawyer

      are you willing to have a drink with him to prove it? he’s very friendly to women in bars…..

  • 2Duv4Luv .

    I don’t give one damn about Big Ben Roethlisberger or the rogue policemen across this country. Racist imbeciles have been demonizing BLACK LIVES MATTER from day one but stay silent on the KKK. BLM is concerned with cops killing innocent black men and women. Every damn life matters but a black one. I am firmly behind Kaepernick. He speaks the truth. The hell away with the national anthem, blue lives, and the racists that supports them.

    • True Conservative American

      The kkk is almost nonexistent and what is left of them is a pathetic joke. All racism sucks. And your disrespect of police officers and hat of this country makes me sick. You r a big part of the problem in the world today

  • Kjoe

    It’s not You against Them or Us against Them. Everyone has to work together to find a lasting solution to the country’s problems.

  • D’Heirus Lollis

    I still don’t get the people that consider standing up or speaking out against criminal elements within police departments to be anti-police. That’s pro-police. It’s like saying people who don’t like & speak out against doping in sports are anti sports. False, everyone should want the criminal elements, the cheaters etc to be rooted out as it only serves to make for a better & safer environment for us all.

    • Combat Override

      I strongly speak out against any criminal elements a police department.

      I also strongly reject people who don’t stand for the national anthem and claims we are a “country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

  • Mike

    Didn’t he rape 2 women?

    • GodwinsLawyer

      two that we know of.

  • savetheflagnow

    The domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter advocates the assassination of police officers, so must be stopped by any means necessary. If Hillary is elected, we will be forced to defend ourselves against their racial warfare agenda !

    • Reginald Hicks

      You spelled Police Officers Association wrong….


    White guy doesn’t like how black guy reacts to systematic racism and oppression that in no way affects white people. What a surprise.

    Side note, the same white guy has been accused of rape by more than one woman. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Reginald Hicks

    You dirty bitches support this rapist—this is the in your face Black Lives Matter moment for Blue Lives Matter? They took money from a fucking rapist? Youre proud of this? You motherfuckers are GUTTER…I wish you motherfuckers would leave my country. You are shit and garbage–

  • GodwinsLawyer

    if a rapist supports your cause, you must be right.

  • Lyn Hamilton

    he’s a rapist pig and will get his .. personally, I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on his sorry ass if it was on fire.

  • Julie Keller

    There are rotten apples in EVERY barrel, corporations, teachers. athletes, cops. Weed out the bad and support the good!

  • MastaSimpson

    Soooo Ben is a racist rapist… Interesting

  • Stephen Joel Williamson

    He is a rapist so whatever.

  • vindog

    I’m not a fan of “Big Ben”, but it’s his money & he can donate it where he wants. He’s chosen Police K-9 units and this is not the first time he’s given… I believe he’s always supported Police & Fire and I haven’t heard him say anything bad about BLM… This is just the media trying to stir something up. Don’t get sucked in. Roethlisberger is a lot of things, but he’s not racist! Ask his teammates-

  • Mandy Perilloux

    There are several points of difference in these 2 NFL players showing support for 2 completely different movements. First off our officers are being ambushed and killed for taking on the endless, tiresome job of keeping our streets safe as opposed to someone being killed by an officer with a mile long record of criminal activity, and in most of these particular cases drawing so much attention, and history of violence. They aren’t out there to protect a particular race from these criminals. They are trying to protect everyone of every race from this evil. The police aren’t setting up snipers just to fire upon and people of color as they go about their daily lives. Policemen are a brotherhood of many ethnicities who stand together to stop evil. Sure there are a few bad apples in EVERY social group, but as a whole police officers won’t stand for that ignorance and they are weeded out. Secondly, for example, our city of Baton Rouge was terrorized by followers of the BLM movement and 3 of our officers were ambushed by a piece of crap over the death of another piece of crap. Alton Sterling was a criminal with a very long history of violence and every other crime including SEXUAL ASSAULT and there is protesting…..yet Montrell Jackson a good, kind, Christian, selfless officer who is also a Black man is slain and… hmmmm no protesting for this GOOD man!
    Thirdly, showing support for a cause is one thing, but refusing to Stand for the National Anthem in support of Black Lives is a true showing of disrespect, arrogance and ignorance! Does he care that he is disrespecting the sacrifice and or memory of every Soldier that has fought this Country….the Many Brave Black Heroes lives whose blood was shed to defend that flag??? To me those lives matter too! All Lives Matter no matter the color of the skin or the uniform worn…’s the love, the decency and what’s in the heart of person that matters. Stop seeing the color of the situation and look at the heart of it!

  • Lena

    Ben’s efforts over the last 10 years are not in competition with or has anything to do with BLM. Were they even around 10 years ago.