VIDEO: Barberton High School Kids Line Up To Get Pepper Sprayed For Criminal Science Class

Barberton High School students volunteered to get pepper sprayed, and the horrifying/hilarious results are on video.

Barberton High School students volunteered to get pepper sprayed, and the horrifying/hilarious results are on video.

Barberton High School Pepper Spray Video

Barberton, Ohio – Video is going viral which shows a group of high school kids getting pepper sprayed as part of a Criminal Science Technology class (video below.)

Prior to the being sprayed with the OC (pepper) spray, all students and their parents signed a waiver. The waiver included an explanation from Chief Milford:

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian,

On Friday, May 12, 2017, as part of our defensive tactics training that we have covered this year, I will introduce the use and effects of law enforcement OC “Pepper Spray” to the students. Each student will have the option to be swabbed or receive a quick “burst” to the facial area with this chemical agent. It will cause irritation and a burning sensation to the eyes and nasal area for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

This is a controlled and safe experience for the students and is completely voluntary.

Please sign your option below and return the form by Monday, May 8, 2017.

Thank you,
Chief Milford

Getting a direct blast of OC spray is generally considered torturous. While a strong inflammatory response and burning sensation is part of the experience, that’s only a relatively minor effect from the spray. Getting a direct shot to the face includes the added benefits of having an inability to open your eyes or control your breathing.

It’s a miserable experience, and the worst part is that there’s no stopping it once it starts. Flushing the area with water or milk only reduces the duration of the effects, it doesn’t halt them. Once you get on the OC train, there’s no getting off til the ride is over.

After the primary effects are over, OC may still be in your pores, resulting in it randomly re-activating throughout the next 24 hours. Luckily, those flare ups generally only result in a painful burning sensation.

You may wonder why anybody would volunteer to go through such an experience, and there’s only one answer: ignorance. Anybody who actually knows what the OC spray entails is likely to pass on the experience.

You can see the video of the experience below:

  • BooBooBaby

    Omg! Who would do this on purpose!?
    That’s awful! No Thank you!

  • informativex

    “This is a …safe experience”. umm.. Didn’t look safe.

    • Brian Atwood

      It’s non-toxic and every cop who carries pepper spray has to go through the same thing.

    • Kyle Schmitt

      what’s NOT safe about this?

  • JOHN

    and that was just a little spray, how about a full can from a mk-9?

  • DinoBeliver

    What is the purpose of this? Only a sick individual would do that to these kids.

    • Kyle Schmitt

      Why? elaborate?

    • meggers57

      to understand what pepper spray feels like, to know its effects? And I am willing to bet every one of those kids will never do something to get sprayed and advise their friends of the same. They were taking a class on defensive tactics….it’s a training experience. Nothing sick about it.

      • DinoBeliver

        Would you ever think to have the same type of exercise in which a bunch of burly cops used nightsticks and beat the same group of kids? It’s exactly the same thing.

        • BigBlue

          It’s not the same thing at all. OC spray does cause pain but it does not cause injury. Using a baton to “beat” someone runs a risk of injury. I’m sure they use pads to practice baton strikes.

          • Christ!an

            Do the victims of police brutality get pads first?

          • BigBlue

            What does that have to do with the discussion at hand? Perhaps you should reread the article and the discussion. We are talking about kids getting trained with oc spray. This is about kids, go find another place to promote your agenda.

          • ericmatthew86

            Temporary blindness is most definitely an injury.

          • BigBlue

            Actually, temporary blindness is just the inability to see. Put a blindfold on and you are temporarily blind. Now let me explain how OC spray temporarily blinds you. The spray makes your eyes water and involuntarily close. You have to force your eyes open and your still looking through your tears. Sorry, it’s not an injury.

          • ericmatthew86

            Injury – the fact of being injured; harm or damage.
            “all escaped without serious injury”
            synonyms: harm, hurt, damage, pain, suffering, impairment, affliction; disfigurement
            “they escaped without injury”

      • ericmatthew86

        Sounds like a scare tactic, a la “if you ever go to a protest or give any resistance, we will pepper spray you, and this is what it will feel like”. What’s the purpose of this? Do they also beat the kids with batons so they know what that’s like? Do they make them get in a car crash so they know what it’s like? And yes, those are EXACTLY the same thing as getting pepper sprayed for extra credit.

        • BigBlue

          I have already addressed the baton strike comment earlier, so I will not waste time with your silly argument. The car crash is equally stupid. In fact, why not throw the “why don’t we shoot them” argument in there too. I believe that using OC spray on someone has the opossite effect of a scare tactic. People are more scared of the unknown. Knowing how OC spray effects you is an important lesson for a law enforcement officer. When you spray someone, there is almost 100% chance you will get it on you too. It is important to know how you will react. There is no injury. You avoid all pain in your life, but some people realize pain is part of life and it’s important to learn to manage it. It seems these kids are tougher than you and it hurts your feelings.

          • ericmatthew86

            OK then students who want to be fire fighters should be intentionally burned. And kids who want to be pharmacists should have to overdose on prescription opioids. And electrician students should be purposely electrocuted. (I actually do believe if drivers ed had a simulated car crash, like a real simulator, young people would become more defensive drivers, but autonomous cars will fix that anyway)

          • BigBlue

            Burning is an injury. They should be exposed to wearing the gear and dragging the hose. Oh wait, they might get tired and sweaty, surely that’s too close to an injury for your taste. What if they got sweat in their eye? We need to protect them. Let’s wrap them in bubble wrap while we’re at it.

          • Wolf Grrrl

            To reiterate……..YOU’RE RETARDED!!!

    • Jeff Michel

      My Daughter is the second to the right, in the black shirt. She had the loudest scream and has also been tazed. She said she rather get tazed because it only last 5 seconds. meggers57 has it right! These kids will never do anything to get this again and they WILL tell their friends. It is a teaching experience with no ill effects.

      P.S. bleeding heart pantywaist… I have been a cop for 27 years now. She knew what she was volunteering for. And YES, I warned her. BTW, all the kids were celebrities the next day and were busting a gut laughing after the effects wore off. Stop being politically correct and go hug a tree.

      • Amy2kee

        Jeff, please contact me at We’re interested in this story…

      • Kevin Murray

        Everything about your approach to another citizen who is genuinely concerned for the kids safety is wrong. That fact that you’ve “been a cop for 27 years now” doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if you behave like an incorrigible douche.

        • Jeff Michel

          Thanks for the name calling but, I also have concern for the kids and know from first hand experience the effects of OC spray. I should just post my daughter’s Facebook rant to all the people who are upset and “just do not get it”. I do not have to justify my law enforcement experience either but, I will say I was a Juvenile Officer for a number of years and do know the difference between right and wrong.

          • Kevin Murray

            Name calling? YOU posted: “P.S. bleeding heart pantywaist…” in the middle of your post. So please stop pretending that all of a sudden you have soft feelings. Expecting me to respect the ravings of a child protected by 27 years of the Great Blue Wall is ridiculous. I’m ex-Navy and got my OC, gas chambers and MOPP/CBR training. I was also a fully consenting adult who knew what he was signing up for, big difference. Para-military officials are steady trying to convince the populace that American streets are worse than Korengal or Fallujah.

          • Liam Hogan

            He may as well have called them a Cotton-headed ninny muggins- barely actual ‘name calling’ in the modern sense. The author of the original comment thought they would come in here and essentially look down upon and insult all adults involved in the situation due to his or her own misconception that this is a an experiment with detrimental effects on the kids. In reality, as many people have explained, this exercise may have been extreme, but its obvious that the benefits far far outweigh the sacrifice. People are in pain at the gym all the times, but they are going through that to better themselves -yes, even young adults in high school do this. The fact that an actual parent of one of the students commented here is awesome. He is within reasonable boundaries, in m opinion, to respond in such a manner. Then you come out of left field and accuse him of being “an incorrigible douche.” I do agree with you that people should lean on the friendly side whenever possible, but have you maybe considered that this guy has probably heard enough about how he is supposedly some kind of monster for empowering his teen daughter(who is likely a junior or senior if she’s in a criminal science technology class) to test herself and further her understanding of equipment in a field she maybe hopes to pursue?. And do you believe that 17 and 18 year old students – who can easily pull up a youtube video in two seconds that clearly shows the effects of getting pepper sprayed along with a close perspective of the suffering recipients of OC have to endure – aren’t in a position to understand what they are consenting to? They can drive cars on the road with us everyday, but a quick blast of pepper spray is beyond their cognitive grasps? Doubt it. I’d like to encourage you to try to look at this from a different perspective, that’s all. And Thanks for your service, which I do really appreciate.

          • Joshua Alvin James

            Sorry, but blue lives don’t matter anymore than mine.

          • Liam Hogan

            that seems like maybe a shallow thing to say. Did anyone indicate otherwise?

  • Marcalene Wilson

    Maybe it will help me to email the get decisions about getting I unless d getting sprayed!

  • Andy

    First of all, it was voluntary. Both the parents and the students signed waivers. The purpose of doing that is to show these kids if you do stupid stuff, you can get pepper-sprayed, tazed or shot. That choice should be rather easy to make, but we have some pretty stupid people committing pretty stupid stuff. This is simply a lesson, no different than having to learn algebra or Spanish, that young kids need to learn early in life. Do stupid stuff and you will pay the price for it….this lesson was relatively free and should be a life-lasting lesson learned.

    • Brett Ray

      Yet that is a lesson cops don’t think it’s right for them to have to learn. If they do stupid stuff, (which they do all the time) should get pepper-sprayed or their ass beat, but OH NO, that logic doesn’t apply to them. If I was in school I would have “volunteered” then just as they get ready to spray it, grab their hand and spray them. Now THAT would be funny! It’s OK it won’t hurt them. (you’d most likely be charged with assault with a deadly weapon) They’re not showing “these kids if you do stupid stuff, you can get pepper-sprayed”. It’s more like “programing” them that they do as they are told or else. Don’t even try to be rational, use common sense or think for yourself, just do as you are told or this is what we will do to you.
      Become a cop, where ignorance IS an excuse.

  • Kyle Schmitt

    The person that wrote the article – just awful! Educate yourself on the spray a bit more and maybe go out and try it.
    I think this is a good idea – as long as its on a voluntary basis. Lucky them, they didnt have to run bag drills and defensive tactics while under the effect.

  • Nick Johnson

    funny how dramatic it is when they get it…. The video is funny as heck in my book

  • Spartan

    Just want to point out that every cop, as part of the police academy, not only has to stand there and get OC’d in the face, immediatly after they get hit with the OC, they have to run an obstacle course. Sure, it’s not fun, but unless you have an allergic reaction to capsaicin or have breathing difficulties such as asthma, it’s not dangerous.

    • Christ!an

      Do you guys get shot too to carry a gun? Because that is some awful fucking logic.

      • Daniel Reese

        Pepper spray gets everywhere, that’s the logic. If it’s windy or in an inclosed area then you’ll feel the effects that much more. Better to know what it does so you don’t use it on everybody and also since it can get on you.

        • Joshua Alvin James

          Still awful logic. Better to know how a gun shot feels so you don’t use your gun when you don’t need to, right?

          • gekkobear

            Says someone who has never had a friend playing with pepper spray indoors I’m guessing?

            Yes, if you spray it in a room; everyone gets it… everyone. Including the sprayer.
            And, as that is the case; and not all criminals are outdoors?
            You have two choices.
            1) Have a field test so you can be prepared for what will happen when this situation occurs.
            2) Be surprised when this happens.

            I know surprise is more fun; but I’m not sure that cops being unprepared is better “logic”.

          • ericmatthew86

            What does cops being prepared have to do with pepper spraying children at school for extra credit? If a parent did this to their kids they’d lose their kids.

          • gekkobear

            “…as part of a Criminal Science Technology class”
            What do kids in a class learning to be cops (as one option) have to do with preparing to be cops?

            Do you see it yet? No?
            Ok, then you never will.

          • ericmatthew86

            OK, so then kids in a medical class should have surgery performed on them right? So they know what it feels like? Or maybe kids training to be fire fighters should be burned? Oh wait! Every kid in driver’s ed should be forced into a car accident so they know what it feels like! OH OH OH and electrician students should be electrocuted! Extra credit for everyone! lol

          • gekkobear

            It’s not “so they know what they’ll be doing to others”… why do you still not get this?
            If you’re a cop, you will likely use pepper spray, sure.
            And you’ll likely use in INDOORS which means you’re also going to be getting a dose of it.

            It’s not “so they know what it feels like before they do it to others”.
            It’s “So they know what it feels like because they’ll have to do the job WHILE feeling it”.

            Do kids training to be firefighters have to deal with training in smoke?
            I’d hope so; but apparently you’d be offended by such training….

            So yeah, I’m hoping that people training for a job train to do the job in situations that will actually happen on the job.

            If you don’t believe me… pepper spray a coat rack in your living room; and see if it gets you when it gets your coat.
            I bet you’ll learn something about pepper spray that even though I’ve told you previously you still somehow do NOT understand.

            I’m sorry you can’t learn by anything but doing it yourself…
            And I hope you do this learning experience without anyone else in the room.

      • Diana Lynn Craine

        I was a Probation and Parole Agent many years ago. We had to go through this exact same procedure if we wanted to carry dept. Issues pepper spray.
        During the class, I raised my hand and said “so if we are ever able to carry a gun, will you have to shoot us first so we know what it feels like?”
        I do not understand why he stood so close and did not just walk down the line quickly spraying a few steps back.
        Where the he’ll are the “DECONTAMINATION ”

        • BigBlue

          Doesn’t sound like you were that good of a probation officer. That is the proper way to administer OC spray. Also, there is no apostrophe in hell.

    • USN(Ret)

      Local cops here in Marietta have to experience being tazed before they can carry one.

  • AAA

    not too bright, a parent can not sign a contract where a child is harmed. Its void, you are liable

    • Jeff Michel

      No Student was hurt. They were monitored by the Instructor and several police officers. The discussion, videos, and tactics were explained in depth during class time. Both parent and student had ample time to think it over, do research, and even decide not to participate prior to the exercise. My daughter was the second to the right, in the black shirt, and screaming the loudest because she opened her mouth and inhale some.

  • How can a writer posting for this web site be this disconnected? If any of these kids are looking to get into law enforcement, this is an experience that is more educational than dangerous. If any of these kids are studying criminal psychology, this is an experience that is more educational than dangerous. If any of these kids are planning to pass the bar and represent people who have been sprayed or have needed to use it, this is an experience that is more educational than dangerous. Who is choosing these ‘experts’ to write for the site?

    • ericmatthew86

      Sure, so anyone who wants to be an electrician should be forcefully electrocuted. Any anyone who wants to be a gardener should have to ingest pesticides. And anyone who wants to be a bartender should be forced to get alcohol poisoning. And anyone who wants to sell or prescribe prescription opioids should be forced to overdose on them.

  • Mike E

    My only problem is that they held the phone the wrong way…

  • Eric Via

    Watch, it’s a scam.

  • Tech_rick_2

    I went through this training, and it is pretty bad. But it’s a valuable lesson for these kids. It will toughen them up and maybe even melt the “snowflake” right out of them. After this, they might even be able to withstand really tough situations like hearing a person speaking an opposing viewpoint, or seeing a political sign of a candidate they don’t support.

    Heck, the next thing you know, these kids will be in college actually sitting quietly through a Milo speech, listening to what he has to say, and then asking intelligent questions about his positions and raising their objections respectfully.

  • Mikkall

    If anyone is ignorant, it’s the Author of this article… who is obviously NOT an “Officer” and never has been. But hey, lets make more Snowflakes, right?

  • Trucker911

    I’m a high schooler that’s also been sprayed before I ever wanted to touch a canister. It was a great learning experience for me. I actually enjoyed the experience and being able to talk about it now. There’s nothing wrong with it. If you want to get into LE, you’ll need to know what the tools are going to feel like.

  • Swarook Hoodlum

    Seems like a great idea. This was part of the class. They lined up for it. No one was held down.

  • john pilcher

    I find this sick, how can someone think this is ok. If they had done something wrong different story. But to allow your child to be sprayed. No way. This is some distorted thinking.

    • Brett Ray

      If you did this at home to your own kid for ANY reason, even if they “volunteered”, they’d be taken away and you would go to jail for sure! Then the cops would sit there and berate you about what a piece of shit you were for doing it. Then they go out the very next day, pepper spray a 14 year old then break their arm for good measure because they didn’t “sit down” when they were told to. Or system is SO lopsided in favor of cops, they can do NO wrong.

  • Brett Ray

    What a bunch of dumb asses!!! Just who we need as cops. It seems, the dumber they are, the better suited they are for the job.

    • gekkobear

      If you use pepper spray indoors you’ll get it too.
      Criminals don’t tend to remain outdoors 24/7 so this is something you would face as a cop.

      Why do you think being prepared for what your job will likely require at some point is being a dumb ass?

  • Tim

    My daughter did that her senior year at Buckeye Career Center in 2012. She looked forward to it and she was proud she did it.

    She now has B/A in Political Science and another in Criminal Justice (KSU) She just completed her Masters at Akron.

    The program helped build character.