Baltimore Lt. Victor Gearhart Suspended for Calling Criminal Protesters “Thugs”

Baltimore Police Lieutenant Victor Gearhart was suspended for calling criminals "thugs."

Baltimore Police Lieutenant Victor Gearhart was suspended for calling criminals “thugs.” (REUTERS/Adrees Latif)

Baltimore Lt. Victor Gearhart Suspended for Calling Criminal Protesters “Thugs”

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Police Lieutenant Victor Gearhart, who is also an FOP vice president, has been suspended for calling it like it is. Based on protests leading up to the Maryland state FOP conference, he sent an email to all Baltimore PD members warning them to, “expect more bad behavior from the thugs of Baltimore.”

The correspondence was not without merit. It surfaced a day after 12 protesters were arrested for trespassing inside the Hyatt Regency for blocking escalators and attempting to deny access to the conference. The agency has not backed the 33-year veteran on his statement. Instead, they suspended him and have said that his statements are not representative of the department as a whole.

A department spokesman told Complex that Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis was “outraged” by the e-mail. It would seem that everyone, including agency administrators, are supporting the criminal behavior of these thugs.

The issue here is not about race. It is not about their right to protest. It is not about the term he used to describe them. The issue is about their infringement on the rights of others. They use criminal behavior to prevent others from freedom of movement and to gather peacefully at a private location, which has been paid for with private funds. These protesters had no right to be at the location and refused to leave when told to do so. Lieutenant Victor Gearhart did not make this about race or gender, he made it about criminal behavior.

Civil rights activists have even chimed in on the email saying that the lieutenant does not see himself as being accountable to the citizens he is sworn to serve and protect and that he is encouraging others to feel the same. These statements seem completely ludicrous as there is no call to action by the lieutenant and no directive to take any particular stance toward the criminal behavior.

Lieutenant Victor Gearhart has previously sued the department for being transferred without merit after a controversial tweet was shared through his Twitter account. Once again, the department has taken overt action to pander to the media and those offended by the truth. Here is the full text from the email:

“By now you have seen that the THUGS from Black Lives Matter and other similar groups have attempted to disrupt the State FOP Convention being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Well today as check-in day with activities spread over the next 3 days so expect more bad behavior from the Thugs of Baltimore. On the bright side maybe they will stop killing each other while they are protesting us.”

  • VOTE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Nothing that comes out of Baltimore surprises me anymore. The entire force should back him and come down with the BLUFLU until he is re-instated. Enough of these liberal city a-holes insulting officers and propping up THUGS!!!

  • Me Jane

    You simply cannot make a comment unless it is favorable to a certain segment of society. Thugs/criminals have become a protected class.

    • ChiefD

      A criminal is a criminal. A thug, has nothing to do with a persons race or skin color, it is a term to describe behavior, such as bullying, civil disobedience, violence toward others for no reason, intimidation of others (example, Michael Brown when he stole the cigars, then thought he could take officer Wilson’s gun away from him.). The police commissioner is pandering to the thugs in Baltimore (that includes the mayor, states attorney (Mosby), and any other unacceptable behavior prone idiot in the city).

    • Lesley Isaacs

      While others, such as this man, have their free speech inhibited. Which, by the way, the free speech amendment was put into place for this reason exactly. So that government cannot penalize you or arrest you for stating your thoughts. I hope this man will get an attorney.

  • Dave Mendelsohn

    Baltimore is a shit hole… All law enforcement should walk out… leave the Democrats in their own mess…. How long would it take for the “citizens” to burn the elected officials like the burn cars and businesses… In Nam, shit holes were burned daily to rid the surrounding area of disease….

  • tekwrite

    Meanwhile the THUGS are free to rape, pillage and burn!

  • filth wins again, courtesy of the Obama Justice Department…. I hope these thugs kill each other and every business pull out of town, officers just stop patrolling this ghetto filth area!

  • TyroneCobb

    call them what they are..

  • geeky345

    You had the “Crips” and you had the “Bloods” and now you have the “Black Lives Matter”. A street gang is a criminal gang no matter what nicer kind of a name you put to it.

  • Jon Ciotti

    They stopped being protesters and become thugs when they got involved with criminal activities . This PC crap is so over the top it’s ridiculous. I have some other names I’d like to call these cowards that hide behind the color of their skin, just like Obama does. I tell you what there’s coming a time real, real soon that the rest of the American people are going to get fed up with these thugs criminal activities, they are going to come together, rise up and start taking out these thugs one by one. If it’s a war they are calling for then it’s a war they will get and it won’t be pretty.

  • Robert kempton


  • LifetimeSooner

    Take a vote, I’d be willing to bet it represents more of the population than the ideas of the Department Leadership. The Police Comissioner sounds like a complete asshat

  • Charlene Williams

    A thug is a thug…. has nothing to do with color. Baltimore is turning into another Chicago.

  • Joe Myles

    They ARE thugs. Thugs, criminals and paid terrorists. He wasn’t lying, so why arrest him? Well, we all know why by now right? The Shillary and Hussein show wouldn’t profit so much. Barry Islama needs to call Martial Law to stay in office. He wants civil war in this country. Without his paid monkeys he doesn’t have a chance. Soros is pulling the strings on the Clinton Cartel and the Shitshow that is obama-ramadama’s puppet theatre.

  • Dale Rhoades

    Time for the police all across the country to come together. For this to happen The FOP at all levels will need strong leadership and the members will need a spine. Blu Flu will work; and when the Baltimore Police Department comes down with it other agencies should not respond. 3 days of The Blu Flu the citizens will be begging the police to do their jobs. Liberals, another reason to hate them.

  • Russell retired and FOP member

    This is another great example why all LEO’S need to be a member to the FOP and are able to participate in the Legal Defense Fund.