Baltimore Commissioner Calls Out FOP for Tweets That Stood Up For The Baltimore 6

Now this is pretty ridiculous and petty on the Comissioner’s end. This is the man in charge of the police department that basically abandoned it’s own Heroes and fed them to the wolves…if the FOP can’t post a humorous Tweets in defense of the unjustly charged Baltimore 6, then that is pretty pathetic…considering what these Heroes have had to endure for the past year…


FOX 45 reports:

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis is now responding to what he calls, ‘insensitive’ and ‘inappropriate’ social media posts from the Baltimore City FOP.

Following the latest verdict of Officer Caesar Goodson in the Freddie Gray trial on Thursday, The Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police took to Twitter Friday night, where they posted a meme of actor Leonardo DiCaprio with the text ” Here’s to the Baltimore 6 defense team, the FOP and Detective Taylor.”

Detective Taylor is the officer the Prosecution accused of ‘sabotaging’ their case against Officer Goodson.

Early Saturday morning, the FOP tweeted a picture of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby at a podium with the words “The wolf that lurks” written across the top of the photo.

Davis said the remarks “Serve to detract from our necessary relationships with our community and criminal justice partners have no place in our City.”

The tweets were soon deleted by the Baltimore FOP.

Considering the millions lf dollars that Freddie Gray’s family got prior to the trial, Commissioner Davis and the city of Baltimore owe these Heroes and apology, back pay, and a whole lot more.  It is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. One thing is for sure, the lives of these Heroes will never be the same again…and at no fault of their own either. It’s a shame that we have come to this in America, judging our own Heroes before all the facts our out…