5 Videos Showing How Dumb People Act Around Bait Cars

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5 Videos Showing How Dumb People Act Around Bait Cars

Bait cars are used by police to catch potential car thieves. They are normally set up with audio and visual recording devices to alert police when someone tries to steal the car. Many bait cars use remote locks and kill switches so that the thieves can not escape. Below we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting bait car footage on the internet.

The first and probably wildest video of a bait car being stolen comes out of the crime filled neighborhood of Englewood, Chicago. 372 people have been shot in Englewood so far this year. In this video, you see the bait car being left on the street with several dozen people approaching it and tearing it apart. One man even steals the child car seat out of the back. Cops are forced to end the party when the thieves try to steal the camera equipment out of the bait car.

Next up, this guy picks up the bait car and smokes a little crack before they realize what’s going on. His buddy jumps into the car and they roll around a little bit before the driver realizes that it’s a bait car. He says “it’s a f—–g bait car you idiot” before jumping out and trying to run.

The person narrating this one is hilarious. “Ah yes, the bait car. The terminally stupid are drawn to these like moths to a flame”.

This guy sees two women pull up, get out of the bait car, and calls up someone to come get it. Before the person he called can get to it, a woman comes over from across the street and says “I’m gonna roll this bitch to Englewood”.

Lastly and probably the funniest case of a bait car being stolen, the guy knows it’s a bait car, he just wanted to be on TV.

  • manzoniman

    I just want to know – how are people brought up this way? How can anyone, no matter how poor or unfortunate their circumstance, look at an empty car with the motor running and think “Hmmm… I should take this car”? It’s just pathetic.