Breaking: Avondale Bank Robbery Turned High Speed Chase

avondale bank robbery

Officer on left exiting an unmarked vehicle with a rifle (youtube)

Video: An Avondale bank robbery turned high speed chase

Avondale, AZ – An Avondale bank robbery turned high speed chase today leaves 2 suspects detained and 1 killed. The high speed chase was captured from a news helicopter.

Avondale police stated that a bank robbery took place with 3 suspects jumping into a black SUV to attempt a getaway. The Avondale bank robbery was followed by a 45 minute chase involving Avondale Police and then Phoenix Police in unmarked vehicles. You can see the end of the high speed chase in the video below.

The pit maneuver performed by unmarked police vehicles successfully stopped the SUV full of bank robbers. Once stopped, you can see an officer emerge from the drivers side of the gray unmarked police vehicle with a rifle. This is when the feed from ABC 15’s news chopper cuts off. Reports say that officers fired shots at the vehicle as it came to a stop. We’re assuming that’s why the feed stops.

Pictures from ABC 15 show the incident afterwards and it appears paramedics are working on the driver of the bank robber’s vehicle. Police state that all suspects involved have been apprehended and the public is not in danger. We’ll update you as more information is released.