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Austin Police Sergeant Gary Christenberry EOW 09/29/2017.

Hero Down: Austin Police Sergeant Gary Christenberry Dies From Severe Burns

Austin, TX – Austin Police Sergeant Gary Christenberry succumbed to his severe burns and died on Friday, September 29.

Randy Washington is suing for $1 million after he claims police hurt him after he hit his female attorney.

Convicted Murderer Beats His Female Attorney In Open Court – Sues Police Officers Who Respond

Trenton, NJ – A now-convicted murderer who punched his former attorney in the face during his trial has filed a federal lawsuit against the Mercer County Police Department.

A Pine Bluff Police FTO was suspended for cursing at a trainee.

Officer Almost Fired, Gets Suspended Instead For Using Curse Word When Talking To Trainee

Pine Bluff, AR – A three-member civilian review board reduced a veteran Pine Bluff police officer’s suspension to five days on Wednesday, September 27.

Art Curator Victoria Nicodemus was killed when Marlon Sewell's vehicle drove into pedestrians.

Juror Refuses To Consider Evidence, Says She Won’t ‘Put A Black Man In Jail’

New York City – A mistrial was declared in the manslaughter case of Marlon Sewell on Thursday, September 28, when one juror said that she couldn’t put a black man in jail.

Polk County Detective Kristen Hearne EOW 09/29/2017.

Hero Down: Polk County Police Detective Kristen Hearne Murdered

Polk County, GA – Polk County Police Detective Kristen Hearne, age 29, was shot and killed during an investigation of a stolen vehicle on Friday, September 29.

Black Lives Matter attacks Christmas.

Federal Judge Rules Black Lives Matter Can’t Ever Be Sued – Dismisses Cop’s Lawsuit

Baton Rouge, LA – A federal judge threw out a police officer’s lawsuits against Black Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson on Thursday, September 28.

A Chicago police officer is being disciplined for a photo of him standing for making a political statement while in uniform.

Chicago Police Officer Faces Discipline For Standing For America

Chicago, IL – A Chicago police officer was disciplined after showing support for the American flag, the national anthem, President Trump, and the Second Amendment.

Boston Police Officer Attacked ‘Without Warning or Provocation’ After Walking Out Of Police Building

Boston Police Officer Attacked ‘Without Warning or Provocation’ After Walking Out Of Police Building

Boston, MA – A Boston police officer was injured after being attacked randomly attacked on Tuesday, apparently for just being a police officer. He was on-duty, in full uniform, and at a police building.

Ethan Westbrooks has been arrested on five felony charges.

Los Angeles Rams Defensive Lineman Ethan Westbrooks Arrested On Five Felony Charges

Bakersfield, CA – Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Ethan Westbrooks, age 26, was arrested on Friday night, September 22.

Houston Police Officer Nestor Garcia, 24, is fighting for his life after being hit and dragged by a drunk driver.

Houston Officer Nestor Garcia Fighting For His Life After Car Blows Through Felony Stop

Houston, TX – Houston Police Officer Nestor Garcia, age 24, was critically injured on Wednesday morning, September 27, after being struck by a vehicle and then dragged.