Austin Protesters Chant “What’s Better Than 12 Dead Cops? 13 Dead Cops”

Austin Protesters

Austin Protesters Chant “What’s Better Than 12 Dead Cops? 13 Dead Cops”

Austin, Texas – A few days before 4 officers were shot within a 24 hour period, Austin protesters thought it would be cute to chant about cops dying.

A video has been circulating social medial websites the past few days showing a group of children throwing a temper tantrum about god knows what, while chanting about police dying.

The video starts off with one misled young man shrieking his frustrations about law enforcement with the always original phrase “fuck the police” (nice voice crack by the way, little guy.)

They are armed with cell phones, skinny jeans, and red face masks with soviet hammer and sickles printed on them. Police officers drive beside them, ensuring that there is a safe space for them to yell their stupidity with zero consequences.

austin protesters

This “protest” came days before Detective Benjamin Marconi was shot and killed while sitting in his car outside of the San Antonio Police Department, about 80 miles away from where this video was shot. Along with the murder of Detective Marconi, 3 other officers were shot within a 24 hour period. Officers were shot in St. Louis, Missouri; Gladstone, Missouri; and Sanibel, Florida.

The idiots in the red face masks in the video look exactly like protesters who stood outside the Texas State Capital building in protest this weekend. They were armed with rifles and holding a sign that said “make racists afraid again”. Their ninja friend, seen on the left in the picture, decided to tag along.

Check out the video below for more kids thinking that they know what the hell they are talking about

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