Austin ‘Active Shooter’ Update

Austin "Active Shooter" Update

Austin Active Shooter Update

Austin “Active Shooter” Update

Early this morning, Austin PD tweeted that there was an active shooter downtown with multiple victims, and they urged all people to stay out of the downtown area.

Austin PD later determined that there were two unrelated shootings in the same general area, seven minutes apart. Austin Police Department Chief of Staff Brian Manley said that it had appeared like somebody was using “active shooter tactics in the entertainment district.”

The scene resulted in chaos, with people scattering in every direction. When police arrived, they found a 30-year-old woman had been murdered, and four others had been injured during the shooting.

Austin PD later made this announcement about the shooting:

On behalf of the Austin Police Department we wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the young woman who lost her life to this senseless act of violence and wishes for a speedy recovery to the individuals wounded.

The men and women of the Austin Police Department will work tireless to identify and apprehend the person responsible. As part of our efforts we urge anyone with personal video of the shooting or its aftermath to submit it via email to Anyone with information can also call the Homicide Division tip-line at (512) 477-3588.

Austin, Texas is one of our nation’s safest cities and the community we serve partners with APD to stand up for our neighbors and friends and to bring those that would do us harm to justice. This sensors and tragic incident will be no exception.

The suspects are still at large, and it’s unknown at this time what precipitated the shootings. There’s no doubt that Austin Police Department will do all that they can to capture the suspects, and bring them before a court to answer for their crimes.