Three Armed Suspects Attempt To Rob Three ATF Agents In Undercover Truck, Only Get Used Bullets

ATF agents were going to be robbed in Baltimore, but they responded with appropriate force.

ATF agents were going to be robbed in Baltimore, but they responded with appropriate force.

ATF Agents Greet Armed Robbers With Bullets

Baltimore, MD – Three ATF agents were sitting in their pickup truck on Friday during on an undercover operation when they were suddenly approached by three armed men in a robbery attempt.

According to The Baltimore Sun,  the incident occurred about 3 PM in the 2700 block of West Baltimore Street. One suspect was shot by the agents and was transported to a local hospital for surgery.  Two suspects fled, according to WBALTV.

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said that “Fearing for their lives…, [the agents] discharged their firearms.” Police said that a ‘Dirty Harry’ style revolver was recovered at the scene, that PC Davis said “…can do a lot of damage.”

“I heard, ‘Stop, stop!’ and then they just started shooting,” a witness told Justin Fenton with The Baltimore Sun. “It was crazy, like the OK Corral.”

The witness said that he saw a white SUV barreling around the corner. The ATF said that the SUV had their “cover react team” who were responding when the saw the armed men approaching the undercover agents.

The name of the suspect who was shot, or his condition, was not released.  No description of the two wanted suspects was given.

Police Commissioner Davis stressed the importance of federal and local agencies working together.  He said “It’s not unusual for ATF agents to be conducting special operations in the city. They do it every day and they are a strong partner in the crime fight in our city.”

The Baltimore Police Department is conducting the investigation into the shooting, while the ATF will conduct its own internal review.

Thankfully, nobody who didn’t need shooing was injured in the shooting.

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