Ashley Judd Marches With Black Lives Matter While They Tell Whites To Move To The Back

Ashley Judd marches with Black Lives Matter

Ashley Judd marches with Black Lives Matter

Ashley Judd marches with Black Lives Matter.

Philadelphia, PA – On July 26th, 2016, Ashley Judd was attending the Democratic National Convention, along with many other celebrities that also attended. She found the opportunity to march with the Black Lives Matter march that occurred on the same day. She picked up a sign and happily marched with the protesters, mugging for cameras along the way.

Ashley Judd, lofted her sign over her head with a big smile and was quoted as saying “I was on my way to the criminal justice reform panel … and this is the most perfect and poetic diversion;” after all, Judd is a widely regarded expert on criminal justice (Editor’s Note: That was sarcasm). She continued to march with Black Lives Matter until they reached the final stop outside the Wells Fargo Arena.

The actress, known for many movie roles in the 90s and her flirtation with running for the U.S. Senate for Kentucky against Mitch McConnell, is very active in liberal politics and focuses on women’s issues, and social, economic, and criminal justice.

On stage with a microphone, one Black Lives Matter organizer ordered white people to the back of the crowd.

“I need all white people to move to the back. This is a black and brown resistance march,” the woman said, “You will not have a say all up in here.”

“Take your rightful position and get behind us,” she continues. “If you see any white folks, direct them to the back of the crowd.” White media, get to the back,” she says.

“White people to the back, black people to the front,” she adds.

Most white people sheepishly moved back and continued to support their cause, however one man tried to stand his ground and upset the protesters.

“Go back, go back!” they said, “We see your privilege.”

“White people cannot be up front,” another adds, “White people will not be an obstruction no more!”

You can see the video here:

After the march with Black Lives Matter, in an interview with KSAZ of Phoenix, AZ, Ashley Judd said “Black Lives Matter. All lives matter, and a sign that I particularly appreciated said, ‘A good cop is not a racist cop,’ and there are plenty of good police officers in the world, including my nephew.” Judd continued with “They’re a kind and decent people. They’re beautiful, intelligent people who try to do the right thing. We also have a lot of problems in the system, and we all know that,”

Ashley Judd appears to be in the same situation as many liberal white social justice warriors; they don’t realize that Black Lives Matter is not an inclusive organization. Black Lives Matter focuses on hateful and false rhetoric, and seeks to divide people. Even if people buy in to their false rhetoric that police officers are specifically out to kill people because of the color of their skin, many of their white supporters would not support Black Lives Matter if they were familiar with the group.

Hopefully Ashley Judd will leave her bubble to take a look at what this group is about before offering more support in the future.

Let’s have our voices heard and let Ashley Judd know that supporting these hateful groups is wrong.

  • John Mccarthy

    LOL VERY funny stuff

  • Sunny

    Pathetic, privileged Diva. BLM is a terrorist group. Does she think she is excluded from their rage and hatred because she held a little sign for them? They will pop her bubble.

    • goodmandawn

      Sunny: Nonsense, BLM is not a terrorist group. The people terrorized by the existence of the Black Lives Matters group are brutal policemen and citizens opposed to police reform throughout the U.S. In the 2007 FBI report they warned the government that White Supremacists have assimilated U.S. police departments. Since then violent police incidents throughout the country have spiked. Another thought that terrorizes the people that don’t want protest voices heard. Is the government’s focus on corrupt police officers continuously involved in brutal incidents. Ashley Judd had no reason to fear BLM and she knew it that is why she walked away from the protest afterward without a scratch.

      • Ryan Lawrence

        Can you please provide some details about how the 5 Dallas officers were brutal police officers. How about the 3 dead Baton Rouge officers, one of which was a black man. The people who have been motivated into acts of terrorism by the BLM movement didn’t care who they killed as long as they wore a blue uniform. Initially they only needed to be white to be deemed worthy to die. Then we saw that even black officers were not safe.

        A 2016 report by the University of Harvard, conducted by a black professor, studied over 1000 police shootings and concluded that race did not play a role in these shootings.

        Your comment about white supremacists is an interesting one because police kill more white people than black people every year.

        The definition of terrorism is, “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce for political purposes”. Another is, “systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal”. BLM certainly is on the fringe of easily fitting into this category. They certainly inspire domestic terrorism, as we’ve seen in recently weeks.

        • Karen Manna

          how many lives to they have to snuff out–innocent men and women and children to prove their point. How many is enough?

          • Sunny

            How many lives do black thugs “snuff out” daily? Trash that thinks they are to have it all and never work for anything. Entitled trash.

          • Lesley Isaacs

            I am confused here. Innocent? Children? You are talking about black on black crime? The lives “snuffed out” have each time been criminal lives- lives pointing a gun, or acting aggressively toward an officer or society at large. What point do you want them to prove exactly? The only point they are interested in proving is when a gun is pointed at them is that they are choosing their own life over that of someone else’s. But, people like you tend to think that is even wrong don’t you? It’s almost as if you are mad at the cop for not letting his own self be murdered!
            Did you bother to read this article? The part where the BLM person snarkily told white people to “get behind the blacks where they belong- to take their rightful place in the back” Also the line about liberal whites not grasping that this is not an inclusive organization? Let me explain what that meant. It means they don’t want white people- even ones who think they are down with the cause. This means ALL white people- get it? After all, when the BLM people are shouting beat up white people and like in Milwaukee, where they were dragging whites from cars to beat them? Yeah, they weren’t vetting the whites to find out if they were southern republican before they did that. White skin was enough. Wake up.

      • Jane Wilson

        You just sound like another racist who is bound and determined to hate everything and everyone white. Try looking up some statistics on police shootings and you will find that they shoot more white people than black people. Then please explain if BLM is so wonderful why aren’t they in their own neighborhoods addressing black on black crime – the number one highest statistic for black deaths in America. To the rest of America they are nothing but a racist domestic terror group and should be shut down.

      • John Q

        What would have happened if she had not gone to the back like they demanded? Does it hurt the “cause” if whitie is seen in the front with the black people? MLK had no problem with white people marching side by side with black people in the marches he led. They advocate violence against police (not making a distinction between the bad cops who need to be gone from the police forces and good cops). In several of their “peaceful” protests, they are on video chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” over and over.

      • Susan Cadwell

        Please give updated statistics for such inflammatory statements. Simply saying “another” report to substantial your statement has to be taken as false unless you can show where you got the information to back up your comments. There’s no doubt 2007 information is not the latest information and may not even be accurate. I know BLM doesn’t want to throw actual truth into their arguments, but it is required if anything good can possibly come from the divisiveness that Obama has created in this Country to date, especially causing so much hate against police officers, specifically white police officers. Please review the Harvard study that proves police officers do not use deadly force against black citizens more than white citizens. Honestly, if black citizens simply comply with officers when stopped or are being arrested, there would no doubt be very few young black men dead because of police use of deadly force. I believe there have been 2 black men killed by police in the last few days… do you know what they have in common? They were carrying a gun and pointed it at the police with at least one incident of shooting and fortunately missing the officer. When ANYONE points a gun at officers, the officers are absolutely within their legal rights to use deadly force. That isn’t up for debate. Sadly we have today another case of the war on police – in San Diego an officer was murdered and another seriously wounded when they stopped a person and within seconds that person shot at them.

      • Harr Lvciferi

        Of course it is, here is a definition straight out of the dictionary.

        the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

      • Jeff Jackson

        C’mon.. we all know goodmandawn is a HS drop out and drain on society who blames all his poor choices on everyone else rather than accepting responsibility for his own pathetic violent actions.

      • Sunny

        “White people will not be an obstruction no more”…grammar aside, sounds like a veiled threat. If police incidents have spiked it is because of violent BLM, Black Panthers, and a racist “leader” instigating hate and division, virtually calling for police & white deaths. “Corrupt police officers”? Are you so naive or arrogant that you are not aware of the corruption of Obama, Congress, Senate & Clinton?? They surround themselves with BLM, Black Panthers, Muslims & terrorists. Ashley Judd lucked out with her life, who are you kidding??

        • Wiseguy411

          Hard to accept that you are anything but a racist Trump bigot. Please note that the obstructionist Senate and Congress are Republican dominated.

          Obama has been unable to promote positive change because of the Obstructionist opposition. Clinton has not been part of the government for years.

          And Trump has no concept of government. His only purpose is more for me and the people be damned.

          • Sunny

            I was speaking Hillary Clinton, not her corrupted, loser of a husband. You opinion of me means nothing. Go collect your welfare check; sure you are exhausted trying so hard to sound intelligent.

      • wot90s

        black lives matter is nothing but a black KKK

    • Karen Manna

      She actually was not privileged. She has worked very hard to get where she is. So anyone who is successful is privileged now? Come on!

      • Sunny

        I did not say that. She is supporting a terrorist group, threatening violence if they do not get what they are demanding. Wanting it all but not willing to work for anything is beyond entitled. This group does nothing but violence, fueled by hatred and greed.

  • CJacks15

    Terrorist group based on what?!?

    • Béla

      Ambushing police officers that are protecting their “peaceful” rally for example…

      • Karen Manna

        that is the purpose for planning them

    • Jane Wilson

      Valid groups who seriously wish to do something don’t go around rioting and blocking freeways like little spoiled children throwing tantrums. Why attack white people, who they obviously hate way more than white people hate blacks, when they could be doing good in their own black on black crime ridden neighborhoods? None of you black people who defend BLM so vigorously ever address your own terrible statistics.

    • Harr Lvciferi

      A dictionary offers a rather simple straight to point explanation. ter·ror·ism
      the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    • Tammy

      Try. …….track record. Durrrrrrrrr

  • MAX1950

    she has to do something since her acting career is in the shitter

  • Ryan Lawrence

    Demanding white people move to the back. I wonder what Rosa Parks would think about this.

    • Susan Cadwell

      You just know she and Martin Luther King, Jr. are screaming and rolling over in their graves. The current day “heroes” of their cause are mainly thugs. They were honorable people fighting for civil rights. Those civil rights were obtained in the mid-60s. To have so many black people claiming they don’t have civil rights now simply means they haven’t taken advantage of all the benefits they were given going all the way back to the ’60s. They are protected in their jobs by the EEOC… they can get into college easier and obtain financial assistance easier, they can get home financing easier. Sad so many decided to only partake in one entitlement… welfare, and to get the most out of that.. you can’t be married and you have to keep having kids.

      • Sunny

        Welfare trash demanding to be given everything, refusing to work or contribute, live off the taxpayers and cry about what they don’t have. Trash begets trash.

  • crisgonz

    Black Lives Matters are Hypocrites and terrorist. They don’t want equality and they incite terror. If BLM cared at all about black lives they would focus their energy on reducing the black on black murder rate.

    • bundynike13

      They don’t care about B on B crime cause it doesn’t fit there false narratives…stop giving them any attention…MLK would be mortified…

    • Karen Manna

      and 28% of all abortions in this county

  • Rosemary O’Nuallain

    Tell Ashley to bring her little sign to Chicago next Friday night around 10:30 she’ll get the biggest wake-up call she’s ever gotten and her life

    • bundynike13

      She’ll be the 1st one crying for the police…

  • bundynike13

    So then these thugs will vote for the Whitest Privilege women ever!…#usingyouforvotes…

    • Sunny

      They are voting for whoever keeps their welfare and food stamps coming.

  • Alyce Silva

    Oh my gosh. Ashley Judd just lost all respect from most of her fans, including me. I thought she was a lot smarter than that. Glad she got out of politics. She may not have if it hadn’t been for what happened to her husband. She left her career in politics to be by her ex husband’s side after his accident. Like they say, some good will come put of all evil or unfortunate acts.

  • Cindy Roberts

    Pathetic evil people

  • Leo Gessford Jr.

    I think somebody better tell these people they are white. Wake up, white people.

  • Freddie Stratton

    how stupid do you have to be to follow this racist group, what fools, and ashley please stay away from uk basketball games your a disgrace!!!

  • Tammy

    Wow….I used to be a fan! No more! Ignorance….pure ignorance.

  • Gio

    “I need all white people to move to the back. This is a black and brown resistance march,”

    Don’t generalize me into your reverse-racism bullshit, this is exactly the kind of crap that sets us back, not white people, but ignorance.

    We are to racism what the aorta is to the cardiovascular system, we may not be the heart of the system, but man, we carry it and facilitate like no other.

  • dsvstheworld1 .

    I think that BLM like many movements has its radicals and also has many rational people. When the 99% movement first started it was a great social movement that supported police and even protested against the attacks on police pensions. But rather quickly it was hijacked by the loud and unreasonable idiots that ruin social movements. This killed a good social movement that had potential for great things.

    I do disagree with just about everything BLM stands for but I dont think all people in it are bad people. Thats making the same mistake as they make in accusing all us cops as being the same as the bad ones. Yes, I am a police officer. I cant believe these people dont see the racism that they spew themselves.

  • wot90s

    black lives matter is a racist group, hating whites, Asians, Native Americans, and any other race other than themself.

    • Karen Manna

      they forget that people with fair skin can be mixed race.

  • Karen Manna

    the hypocrisy and ignorance is stunning.