Arrest Video of Lousiana Cop Killer Raises Concerns

We will get this out of the way now, this video does not raise concerns for us. The below video shows a group of Jefferson Parish Sheriffs taking Jerman Neveaux into custody, which now has people screaming police brutality. Its clear in the video these Officers are attempting to take a struggling Neveaux into custody, and it is unknown if he was armed during the arrest. We know trying to cuff a grown man who doesn’t want to go to jail requires a level of force that most will never understand. Some have even likened this arrest to Rodney King and want “independent doctors” to review the injuries sustained. Neveaux was taken to the hospital with facial injuries and an orbital fracture, treated, and released from the hospital in two days.

Deputy David F. Michel, Jr. was conducting a subject stop on Neveaux while wearing plain clothes. Michel attempted to search Neveaux and a struggle ensued leaving Michel shot. An eye witness reported that after Michel was initially shot he attempted to crawl away, Neveaux was then seen grabbing his hair and neck and firing two more rounds, effectively executing this hero. What we want to know is, where is the outrage about this cold blooded murder? Does this murder by a 19-year-old not raise concerns about the youth of our nation? Neveaux wasn’t concerned with this Deputy’s rights or the family he had, yet all the media can focus on are the injuries he sustained while being arrested.


The Advocate reports:

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand has asked federal authorities to investigate whether his officers used excessive force in their arrest this week of the young man accused of fatally shooting Deputy David F. Michel Jr. — an inquiry prompted by a cellphone video that shows deputies repeatedly striking the 19-year-old as they wrestled him into custody.

Neveaux was taken into custody after a massive manhunt that involved a police helicopter and several law enforcement agencies. He was booked on first-degree murder, among other counts.

“It is clearly obvious that this was a cold-blooded murder,” Normand said.

The sheriff also said the five-shot revolver used in the killing “was in fact stolen,” and that text messages recovered from Neveaux’s phone show he had been plotting a robbery as recently as 24 hours before the shooting. “He was looking to come up with another gun,” Normand said. “He was looking to jack somebody up for some money and some additional weapons.”

While Neveaux’s family expressed concern about the level of force used during his arrest, others said the deputies’ actions appeared to be justified.

Joseph Giacalone, a former New York City police detective and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, reviewed the video at the request of The New Orleans Advocate and said he did not see any excessive force.

“You have somebody who’s clearly resisting arrest,” Giacalone said of Neveaux. “The general public doesn’t understand, when somebody doesn’t want to get handcuffed, it’s next to impossible to get somebody handcuffed unless you use some sort of physical force to do it. That’s exactly what was happening here.”

Rafael Goyeneche, president of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, said Michel’s death “would not excuse misconduct” on the part of other deputies, who are trained to overcome their emotions. But he said the footage represented only a “partial depiction of what happened.”

“Just looking at that video you see someone being punched on the ground with several deputies around him,” said Goyeneche, a former prosecutor. “But what you don’t know from that video is whether the suspect still had his firearm. (The authorities) are going to have to go knock on some doors to see if there’s any witnesses who saw what happened and try to put the whole picture together.”

Normand has said Neveaux was “being recalcitrant” and refusing deputies’ commands when the punching and kicking took place. “We knew he was armed, and they were telling (him) to ‘Show us your hands,’ ” Normand said, adding that Neveaux later “attempted to remove himself from our custody.”

Once again we have the media trying to crucify the Police based on a short video. As we have seen from so many incidents in the past, one clip never tells the full story. Why isn’t the media concerned with how such a young man can commit such a horrific murder? Again, we don’t question what we have seen in the above video, the Deputies got a cop killer of the streets, and for that we are grateful.



  • Ctnmouth

    I see no problem, scumbag should have been summarily ….

  • Bobby Taylor

    He should have never been taking in a live…

  • Robert Boik

    Should have drove to a more secluded area away from cameras and then beat the shit out of him. Maybe he tried to escape and got shot.

  • Dean Cannon

    It does raise concerns.
    Like why didn’t they break his useless neck?

  • Mary

    Excessive force was NOT used but…would have been okay to use in my opinion. Shoot someone in cold blood, you deserve whatever comes your way. Kid is a 19 year old thug , piece of crap murderer. I would have just shot his ugly ass.



  • Jackson

    What ever this 19 yr old got wasnt enough for his execution of a Police Officer. No respect for law enforcement, it runs rampant in many communities and they all call brutality, did they forget what their darling family member or friend did to someone……WE need a law , where someone like this guy is executed immediately, providing their is proof he did it, as their is here……

  • Bill Hutch

    Difficult to control sick people in a free country. Injure a cop or military person you get the death penalty . Respect authority or die , should be the message in grade one . .

  • Bill Hutch

    Difficult to control sick people in a free country . Respect cops , military people ; injure persons in authority , you will receive the death penalty , should be the message in grade one and every year following .

  • Lynn Brown

    Han NO problem with this and find it incredible hard to believe anyone would be so damn concerned about this worthless piece of garbage’s ass in the first place — My thoughts are with the office this piece of shit MURDERED in cold blood and his family having to deal with this ! May the Angels comfort them in this time of horrific pain ~

  • Iliass

    The dude was lucky that he was in a country like the Us, where i come from, a third Orld country, the only advantage we have is law enforcement are not “burdened” with all of this human rights bullshit, when you murder a human, you loose your human qualities and therefore can t ask for humans rights to be applied on you, kill a cop and you won t make it to a court room….

  • We should know by now that these thugs will always be innocent in the eyes of the black community. No matter what these pieces of shit do or no matter how much evidence there is they will always find fault with the POlice. If this had been a white killer the media would be all over him and praising the police. It’s a shame the police cannot do their job anymore.

  • John Reilly

    He stand trial……and that, at least for me, is a shame………he should be 6 feet under..TODAY.

  • Angellica Myers

    Abuse? Really?? Where was the abuse??? It must be hiding behind a tree or something. I missed it, maybe I should watch the video a million times so I can see the abuse the murderers family says happened. I saw Police Officers apprehended a known criminal that had recently murdered an Officer. I sure did NOT see any abuse happening. The murderer got off easy, if you ask me.

    When you take into consideration, the cold blooded murder he committed, he deserved far worse treatment, than the slap on the wrist he received. He deserved a like punishment that he inflicted on his victim, the murdered Officer. He deserved to give up his own life in a very painful way. What he got was a few bumps and bruises because he fought Officers arresting a known cop killer. Those bumps and bruises are justified, since he resisted arrest.

    I hope the judge isn’t swayed by those bruises and allow the murderer to go free, or give a light sentence. He deserves the death sentence for his crime.

  • Emmie

    He’s lucky they didn’t beat the shit out of the worthless punk. Waste of air and space.


    They must have had 1 or 2 tasers. Soften him up a little and then make some bacon. That will slow him down.
    Let’s let a news reporter try to take one of these pieces of sh_t down. Reporters spend way too much time watching TV movies. That’s not real life.

  • Chandler

    Shoot the bastard

  • APD Midnights

    Romans 13:3 For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but bad. Do you want to be unafraid of the one in authority?
    Then do what is right, and you will have his approval. 4 For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be
    afraid, for he does not carry the sword in vain. He is God’s servant, an agent of retribution to the wrongdoer.

    Suspect got a good Bible lesson today.