100+ MPH Pursuit of Semi Ends After Fiery Crash Shutting Down I-30, SWAT Standoff In Arlington

A semi truck rammed other vehicles before crashing in Arlington.

A semi truck rammed other vehicles before crashing in Arlington.

SWAT Takes Down Suspect Who Rammed Other Cars While Fleeing Police In Arlington

Arlington, TX – A pursuit of a semi truck ended after a fiery crash and a SWAT standoff on I-30.

The incident started at around 12:30 PM when a traffic officer observed the semi driving erratically and speeding down I-30 in Forth Worth. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, which kept going.

The semi sped up to 100 MPH and hit several vehicles before crashing and catching fire, according to WFAA.

“As I was driving to the scene, my myself, I observed about five to six separate vehicles involved in an accident,” Forth Worth PD spokesman Bradley Perez said.

After the vehicle came to a stop, it prompted an hours-long standoff as SWAT moved in to surround the truck.

After hours of negotiations, SWAT broke through the windshield and removed it from the cab, according to NBCDFW.

The unidentified male driver was extracted and transported to a hospital for medical treatment. No motive has been released at this time.

During the standoff, number people gathered in the area to watch, and before officers had the area secured, drivers slowly drove through while recording the police who had taken cover behind a concrete barrier.

PSA: If the police have their guns out and are taking cover, it’s probably a good idea to get the hell out of the area as fast as possible.

NBC talked to one of the victims whose vehicle was rammed by the semi, “All of a sudden I just felt an impact from the backside and the next thing I know we’re riding the wall. The trailer of the semi has us pinned against the wall. I was able to keep the vehicle in the lane luckily and as it pinned us against the wall, we rode it for a little bit, straightened us out. As we came to a stop, it just kept going, said Juan Ramirez.

News agencies contacted the truck owner who said that he had no idea what was going on. It’s not clear if the truck was stolen.

Good job by these officers in handling a dangerous situation.

You can see footage of SWAT moving in below: