Aramis Ayala Argues For Stay Of Markeith Loyd’s Trial, Judge Tells Her To Get Out

Aramis Ayala got shot-down by Judge Frederick Lauten when she argued that there should be a stay on Markeith Loyd's trial.

Aramis Ayala got shot-down by Judge Frederick Lauten when she argued that there should be a stay on Markeith Loyd’s trial.

Judge Frederick Lauten Tells Aramis Ayala That She’s Off The Case

Orlando, FL – Judge Frederick Lauten told State Attorney Aramis Ayala on Monday that the Governor had the legal authority to remove her from the Markeith Loyd case and that he was denying her motion to stay the case or be reinstated at the prosecutor.

State Attorney Aramis Ayala had been removed from the Markeith Loyd case by Governor Rick Scott because she refused to seek the death penalty in the case.

Afterwards, Aramis Ayala issued a statement that said a motion had been filed to suspend the hearings for Loyd.

In the statement by Ayala, she said that Governor Scott does not have the power to remove her from the Loyd case and then said that she did not want to “hold up the process and further impact the families,” that she understood it was “a time sensitive matter,” and that she would like to see “the successful prosecution” of Loyd.

At the time, Brad King said that he was unaware of Ayala’s latest motion. “But, I would say the filing of the governor’s executive order divests Ms. Ayala of any jurisdiction to be a party in this cause. The governor has appointed me,” King said.

Afterwards, King filed a motion opposing Ayala’s motion opposing King.

In Judge Lauten’s latest ruling on Monday, it was noted that not only would Aramis Ayala’s motion to stay the trial hold up the case, but they had a limited amount of time for the case to move forward because of Markeith Loyd’s right to a speedy trial. Delaying the case could undermine the entire case, and if delayed long enough, could result in the case against Loyd being dismissed.

Ayala didn’t care about that though, as she whined to the Judge that Governor Scott didn’t have a conversation with her before he removed her from the case.

Thankfully, this Judge did not accept Ayala’s nonsense, and ruled that Governor Scott had the authority to assign King to the case, and that Ayala was done.

Markeith Loyd’s charges include first-degree murder in the execution of Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton. Loyd stood over her and executed her as she was wounded on the ground.

Loyd is also charged with attempted first-degree murder on a law enforcement officer which occurred when Loyd shot at an Orange County Deputy during the manhunt, and first-degree murder in the killing of his pregnant ex-girlfriend in addition to a multitude of other charges.

Perhaps State Attorney Aramis Ayala should be Loyd’s defense attorney, because it appears that is where she wants to be.