Antonio Cromartie Is Fired After Disrespecting USA While In London

Antonio Cromartie was fired after disrespecting the USA while in London.

Antonio Cromartie was fired after disrespecting the USA while in London.

Antonio Cromartie Is Fired After Disrespecting USA While In London

On Sunday, Colts cornerback Antonio Cromartie made the most unpatriotic decision of his career, in front of an international audience in London Cromartie took a knee during the U.S. national anthem and displayed a “black power” fist. As the anthem ended and “God Save The Queen,” the UK’s traditional patriotic song started, he regained his feet and stood for the duration of the song. By Tuesday, Cromartie found himself unemployed. Is this merely a coincidence? Karma? Or an NFL team trying to rid themselves of a ratings killer?

Antonio Cromartie is not alone in his antics which undermine patriotism in this country. He is the first player who has had their career tanked so soon after making such a stupid gesture. The move comes after the Colts lost to their long-time divisional rivals, the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars are considered by many to be the worst team in the NFL, and the Colts allowed Bortles to throw for two touchdowns and run for a third.

Cromartie has not been playing well this season despite signing a 3 million dollar deal prior to the season starting. He needs that 3 million dollars because he has fathered 12 children with 8 different women and has to pay more that 336,000 dollars a month in child support.

Whether Cromartie was let go for his unpatriotic display is a subject for further discussion. He did the same thing last week as the Colts played the Oakland Raiders and was retained. Did the team’s management decide that he was not playing well enough to continue despite his 4-time selection to the Pro Bowl and his hard-hitting play style? Perhaps they were just tired of his antics on the sideline costing the team money.

I do not think that you could ever get the leaders of the Colts, or any team for that matter, to admit that someone was fired for being unpatriotic but our hats are off to them for taking a stance if that is the case.

NFL viewership is down and die-hard fans are leaving the sport for the ridiculousness that the league has allowed. Patriots of this country are responsible for spending the money used to pay the player’s salaries. When you turn your back on our country, the country will turn its back on you.

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  • vamike999

    fire anyone who dose this, this is un real people are putting up with this hate for our country, he is free to do it yes but being employed by fans no

    • proudcarrier

      Free to express his opinion and free to accept the consequences of doing so. Now he will find out just how much unemployment compensation is compared to his about-to-end salary in the NFL. Less than his pocket change for the last few years.

    • Underpaid Wageslave

      As many of those “Liberal Mental Giants” will tell you, they have the right to Free Speech. It seems at that part of the social studies class they were paying attention, but when they were taught about responsibility of their actions they were absent.

      I seem to recall there was this girl band DIXIE CHICKS (chicks with dixs?) and they were busy running their mouths instead of singing. Haven’t heard anything from them in awhile.

      It seems the Liberals don’t seem to get it… Another example, Quentin Tarentino’s Hateful Eight… He makes that nice speech about how all cops are murderers as his movie is about to open. The Police Unions object and his movie bombed at the box office compared to his previous films. Seems he hasn’t learned his lesson yet…

    • UnCivilized Gentleman

      its does not dose you dumb ass.

  • John J Rouse

    Welcome to the unemployment line! Someone else,will be joining you January 20th!

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ


    • Irvingtonguy

      I have a feeling it will be long before January.

  • Gene Splicer

    But what about his poor kids? Besides the two children he already has with his current wife Terricka, Cromartie, 31, has eight kids with seven other women across the country. He pays each about $3,500 a month in child support — an estimated $336,000 a year. Seems America has been pretty good for him.

    • SmokeyBehr

      He’ll go back to court and have the amount adjusted now that he’s unemployed.

      • proudcarrier

        I hope it is adjusted only enough to allow him the equivalent of minimum wage to live on. Right now it is high enugh that he won’t ever have enough salary to cover it, even if he pays no taxes and lives under a bridge.

    • Me Jane

      This is unbelievable! What kind of women have babies with a man knowing that child is definitely going to grow up without having that “father” in it’s life! I’m guessing these women chose to do this based on his salary, in which case it’s simply greed? Either way, it’s a fucked up situation for all these children. Seriously. It’s sad.

      • Sandra Courtney

        Maybe he should have thought about that before having so many kids or disrespecting the USA. In some countries that disrespect is punishable by death but yet here it is entertained.. Why?

        • Arizona Willie

          Freedom of speech.

          That’s why.

          We are free to say anything we like ( within limits — you can’t yell ” fire ” in a theater ) but we also have to take the consequences of that speech.

          Someone can say ” Trump is stupid ” and his employer can fire him for it — unless he works for the government.

          Free Speech protects us from government reprisals but not from personal reprisals.

        • Jarby

          Because America would be a deplorable piece of crap like North Korea if we did. Pull your head out of your pooper.

    • Sailblazer

      Article says he pays $336,000 per MONTH.

  • SmokeyBehr

    He just crapped all over his meal ticket. Maybe if more teams start doing this, the disrespect will end and people will start watching the NFL again.

    • kootzie

      If the only reason priviledged white people stop wasting their time watching pro-sports is because the occasional player takes a knee – especially given the content and context of the FascistRacistNationalist Anthem – they are demonstrating their thin-skinned ignorance and slavish allegiance to irrelevance

      • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        Did you take an extra dose of ignorant pills this morning? Absolutely nothing you are saying makes any sense whatsoever.

      • George Sterpka

        You pal, are so damn ignorant and racist, you need a tour in Afghanistan to set your mind right.

      • Walt

        I agree with George Sterpka in the message below. You seem to be an ignorant, racist with no respect to the people that have given their lives or put their life on hold to make this country what it is. It is not perfect, but it is better than most if not all other places to live. Try Afghanistan, North Korea, or many other countries. See how tolerant they would be in Russia, China or Iran. Work as a police officer in the high crime area of any city.

      • Jimmy Grizz

        What an idiot. 72% of the world’s population watches some level of sports. How many “privileged white people” do you think there are?

      • John J

        Jump off a cliff you pathetic shithead

      • Frisco Mike

        There is no such thing as privileged white people in this country. More like priveledge NFL millionaires disrespecting the country over fake oppression, you should take a trip to Afghanistan or Somalia so you can see what true oppression is .

  • Ray Welch

    Bye Bye AH

  • foomba77

    About time!! Keep firing all of them!

    • UnCivilized Gentleman

      dont yall dumb asses know that the “american constitution” stands for the fact that you can have the right to protest whatever you feel and that that so called national anthem is one of the most racist song in the world?

      you people prove exactly what Colin Keap has been saying all this time.

      • John J

        Do you take the same attitude with companies that fire employees for being racist? If not you’re a hypocrite

        • UnCivilized Gentleman

          Being racist and disrespecting people due to their beliefs is wrong and yes I do. How would my views on people being fired for being racist different from those people on here who are clearly racist.

          Did you think about that before you posted that response if so that’s very troubling

          • snoopybaron

            You clearly know nothing about the American Constitution, or you wouldn’t post such ignorant hyperbole! Please refrain from referencing it again, as you don’t know what you’re talking about!

      • m.bluth

        If you have a job I would like to see you go in to work one day and hold a protest on your employers time and dime. Then let me know how that works out for you. Constitutional rights don’t give you freedom to do whatever you want in the name of hurt feelings at anytime you feel like it. You wanna protest do it on your time not your employers. Doesn’t matter though it seems the Colts are the only ones that have the stones to do anything about it (if that’s even why they released him).

      • Frisco Mike

        Not while you are at work . If I pay you money to do a job and you are representing me and you make me look bad by basically going to a foreign country and saying ” fuck America ” should be fired. I mean the team may have tolerated it when he did it In the Country, but this man had the nerve to do it on an international stage. He deserves what he got .

      • Joyce Fox

        “O thus be it ever when free men shall stand between their loved homes and the wars desolation…” Doesn’t sound racist to me. These words were written to emphasize the idea that WHOEVER stood against tyranny was standing for freedom … and since there were both black AND WHITE SLAVES AND BLACK AND WHITE FREEMEN it had nothing to do with race. (By the way, the first American slave owner was a black man!)

      • svede

        You are apparently a dumbass that doesn’t know that right is for on your own time not the company that pays you. If you have a job try a political protest at work

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    As the article states no one will ever admit he was terminated due to his unpatriotic behavior, with the exception of himself. However, even if he was terminated for other legitimate reasons, this will send a message to the employee’s of NFL team’s. Once the employer’s stop their employee’s from being disrespectful overpaid jerk’s, maybe I will return to watching. But, I doubt it.

    • proudcarrier

      This may well have the same effect as the baseball strike many years ago. By the way, did MLB start up after the strike? I didn’t notice if it did.

      • Bryan Robinson

        Blue lives matter spouting their own biased propaganda. The headline wants you to believe Cromartie was cut for his actions before the game but then the authors admits that he only HOPES that was the reason . All of you commenting are so happy that the story fits your belief system you won’t even fact check it. He was cut for his poor play in the first four games and was benched in the game in London because of his lackluster play in the first half. He also wasn’t the only defensive player cut that day. Here’s an unbiased report of why he got cut. Go ahead and insult me all you want. It won’t phase me one bit.…/colts-cut…/91555810/

        • proudcarrier

          I won’t insult you, since I will freely admit that I don’t follow professional sports much at all. Actually that’s the reason I commented as much as anything, because I don’t understand so many people spending so much time and money on spectator sports, without playing any sports themselves.

    • Sailblazer

      No more NFL football at my house. College football is far more entertaining and unpredictable.

  • John Aldridge

    12 kids with 8 women and he has the audacity to protest oppression? Looks to me like he’s a major contributor.

    • gary

      He’ll be bankrupt in a year, and then the rest of us will be working to pay for this morons dick. They’ll all be welfare mommas and babies.

    • UnCivilized Gentleman

      what does how many kids he has, have to do with the injustice in this world and all the BS black/african people go thru due to white supremacy and racism

      • Frisco Mike

        No it has a lot to do with why so many young blacks have resorted to selling drugs and other crimes that put them in contact with police …you don’t get it … nobody is mistreated in this country for their skin tone .Not now .Not today… The problems you are facing is caused by the people in your community. This man represents one of those problems. A multi millionaire who doesn’t even pay his child support.

  • Dave G

    One correction. The Colts haven’t played the Oakland Raiders, They play later in the year.

  • Rob

    I wonder how many of his kids will have negative interactions with the police since they have an absentee father that isn’t there to help raise them.

    • proudcarrier

      All of them?!?

  • Are we so sensitive these days that we can’t allow someone to assert their constitutional rights even when it goes against our own beliefs? I’m a veteran and I always stand but this is why I served in the military. To defend our constitutional rights.

    • Housewife101

      He has that right, but his employer also has the right to fire him for his conduct as well. I believe the NFL owners have the right to allow their players to do this. I have the right not to watch. All thanks to those who served in the armed forces past and present. God bless.

    • Jamie

      1st thank you for your service. and i too an a veteran and see this as proof that i made the right decision in joining. but just because i served to ensure that right, doesn’t mean i have to reward people who i think are showing bad judgement. and to me, a professional athlete should NOT ever share his personal opinion when on the clock. he was paid a lot of money to do a job, he doesn’t do his job there are consequences for that. just like if i think he is disrespectful i don’t have to support the team or by his gear. i also served to ensure that. in my opinion, the owners should get their players in line. i know where i work the owner isn’t interested in my personal beliefs jeopardizing his bottom line.

    • ldonnan

      Totally respect your service to our country, do you feel the same when you see someone burning our American flag on American soil??? Personally I feel it should be against the law AGAIN, Bush signed off on repealing that law.

      • Robert J. Castaldi

        No, Bush did not. The Supreme Court did. And the Democrap heavy Congress refused to reenact a more Constitutionally proper law protecting both the uniform of our military, our medals and decorations earned for our service as well as the symbol of our Nation. The same “Party” that booed God, ran most of their convention with no flags on the dias and refuse to wear American Flag insignia (lapel pins etc) while campaigning because they believe in a World Government, not our Sovereign Nation but the victims of the terrorist acts of 9/11 shouldn’t be allowed to sue the countries that allowed the terrorists to grow and train because it violates THEIR Sovereign Nations. Now who is bought and paid for?

        • proudcarrier

          What else might be expected when the Democrats of the last couple decades largely spent their youth smoking dope and spitting on veterans returning home? Now they are accumulating fortunes as politicians with their hands always out. Look at all the uber rich politicians. Their salaries don’t support their lifestyles. Remember John Kerry complaining about his brief period between being married to rich women? He just couldn’t make ends meet on a $100K congressional salary as a single guy. He couldn’t afford an apartment for a while and slept on a friends couch. This was years ago, before he married the Heinz widow, worth billions in catsupketchup and relish.

    • Sabin Sanders

      As has been pointed out by others, his right to self expression doesn’t negate that very same right for those who disagree with him. The first amendment provides protection from government reprisal in response to expressing your opinion, not from social or employment related consequences.

    • Arizona Willie

      He still has his Constitutional Rights.

      But people also have THEIR rights which includes the right to take action against people who say and do things like this.

      The Government can’t take action against the because of the 1st amendment — but it ONLY applies to the government.

      The 1st amendment only means that the government can’t throw you in prison or execute you for speaking against the government, or anything else for that matter.

      The 1st amendment doesn’t mean other people can’t take action against you. Your boss can fire you, your wife can divorce you, your ex-friends can tell you to go fuck yourself and never speak to you again.

      ANYTHING can happen as a result of things you say —except the government putting you in prison.

      That’s all the 1st amendment means.

    • Sailblazer

      The game should not be used as a political stage.

  • Skinit

    He would never have done that under Belichick…..

  • Josh

    This was 4 kids ago

  • Andy Lowe

    It’s about damn time this was done. Now lets have the rest of the coaches grow some Family Jewels and fire their A$$.

    • EyemNotFree

      Lets start seeing more NFL owners executed

      • Jarby

        Brilliant. Execute people for not displaying appropriate patriotism. Kim Jong-Un admires your opinion.

        • EyemNotFree

          Patriotism as far as Loyalists are concerned. We have historys largest prison population and Richard Nixons dream like China was to have fast food execution mobiles so Charleston Heston can eat soylent green like he practices on Sunday. Eating his body and drinking his blood

  • Pamela

    Karmic justice!

  • David Bill

    An NFL player complaining about oppression by disrespecting the American Flag? Naw, they wouldn’t be that dumb, would they?

    • Pamela

      Apparently, yes. Lost his job and he has 325k a year to pay in child support. Real winner.

      • Dobie Gillis

        Article said, I believe, $336,000.00 A MONTH!

        • Irvingtonguy

          I think it was a misprint, or at least I hope so, That would be more for 12 months than he makes a year (336.000×12=4.032 million a year)

  • Robert W Butler

    Show respect for the flag and he still would have had his job plus the respect of the country black or white

    • Jarby

      He lost his job because he missed his assignments. Keep jerkin’ it to the ol’ Stars and Stripes though.

  • Karl Spencer

    I would bet he was let go for his poor play NOT for his disrespect. I’d like to see them get fired for that but the NFLPA wouldn’t stand for that and you’d have a players strike in no time.

    • Mark Terrill

      the problem with a players strike would be what

  • Victor Bement

    Get rid of ’em all. They have no idea they’re living in the greatest country in the world.

    • EyemNotFree

      violently exterminate the United States government with extreme prejudice

    • Jarby

      Because you said so.

      • Victor Bement

        Piss off.

        • Jarby

          No, you piss off. You cannot account for the experience of every other of the 350 million people in this country. You can wave your jingoistic flag all you want, getting goosebumps when you hear patriotic music, but the fact of the matter is that this country, and all countries, are comprised solely by people, and people are just as beautiful and special and fucked up everywhere. On top of that, there are people in this country who, by the luck of their birth, suffer as miserable an existence as anyone outside of the very third world. The flag is just a piece of fabric, it’s what it might represent that matters.

          • Victor Bement

            Move to Russia. You’ll fit right in.

          • Jarby

            Good one!

  • Marine Corps Vet

    Wow so many white racist comments in one feed. All of you are what makes this country look horrible not him. Americans suppose to stick together and call out injustice. So these players kneel is worst then all the killing going on with unarmed men especially black. And before ignorant bastards say what about the ” Black on Black Crime” which is just a made up saying so white folks could feel good when bob kills jimmy bob gets life in prison these cops get paid vacation. And Colin never said he hated the military or his country, this is how i know you didnt listen to a word him or the other players are saying. I myself have served in the Marine Corps and i proud that these Men are taking a stance as Americans always should no matter if the person being mistreated is black yellow white or green. Spread love and postively not the hate that i see right now. And actually listen and try to understand, you dont have to like it but try to understand at least damn it.

    • EyemNotFree

      I get tortured for calling out injustice

    • EyemNotFree

      I demand the inquisition device removed from my back and compensation for the herniated discs caused during the botched kidnapping by the US Navy/CIA in 1982.

    • EyemNotFree

      Violently exterminate the US marines

    • Ed

      The only “ignorant bastard” in this feed is the guy who claims “black on black crime” is just “made up”. That is the very definition of ignorance. Go read some actual facts regarding who is committing crimes, who are the victims, and how interactions with law enforcement actually happen in the US before posting such nonsense.

    • proudcarrier

      Black on black crime is not made up. The number of blacks killed by blacks totally overwhelms the number of blacks killed by policemen, even if you leave in the ones killed while attacking police officers or the officers turn out to be black themselves. And the number of black babies killed in abortions overwhelms all those other deaths combined. This article wasn’t about anyone named Colin. These football players aren’t really taking a stand, they’re taking knees. They are so not oppressed, because they are making millions of dollars and respond by making dozens of babies with any women willing to spread their legs, hoping to get child support and bragging rights about who they tricked into impregnating them.

      Thank you for your service as a Marine, although I fail to see how someone who served could applaud these guys who are made into rich, spoiled celebrities simply because they play a game well. I respect the average Marine more than I do most football players.

    • Kev Mccormick

      We dont have to understand anything they want to protest that is their right ,They are paid to play foot ball not for their bullshit political agenda ,they want to push that do it on their own time and the black on black crime is real or you just really that fucking ignorant .Well you made the comment so yea your just ignorant

    • EyemNotFree

      Get out of my country baboon. You need baseball bat therapy

    • Sailblazer

      I see you haven’t yet learned that BLM is based on a complete lie. A study by a black Harvard professor confirms it. Check it out if you dare …

  • Sam the Sham

    Fire them all. There are plenty of talented players who don’t hate this country or have bought into the lie.

    • EyemNotFree

      Hang the SCOTUS from the National Christmas Tree. Violently exterminate the United States military

      • Arizona Willie

        You may be having fun trolling — but every word typed in every email and every word you type on the internet is screened for keywords and then turned over to SS agents for further action if they find the keywords.

        You might be digging yourself a hole that you won’t enjoy. The SS find you … there is no true anonymity on the internet.

        • EyemNotFree

          I demand the inquisition device removed from my back Richard Nixon and the CIA stuck there in 1982. My forefathers stockpiled Lexington and Concord. Grammar police issued me death threats last year.

  • jimbo

    Ok, he still gets paid his contract and will sign with another team and still make more $$$$ than you or I. To stand up ‘peacefully’ for your belief on an international stage takes courage. Oh, and it is a right of every American by the way. While I wouldn’t join them, I understand there reasons. So for all the patriots out there, when was the last time you said, in one way or another, “this country is going to hell in a handbag”, what did YOU do about it? Jump on social media and bitch? Whatever your stance, you should not get fired for your beliefs in America, PERIOD!

    • Tania

      While it is his right, and I stand for freedom of speech, he is playing in stadiums builtand paid for by taxpayers. That is where my respect ends. Don’t take our money, and then complain on our dime. They also represent that city they play for. Again, lost respect. Not the venue for political statements.

      • EyemNotFree

        The problem is there is no freedom of speech with a religious cult running the government

    • EyemNotFree

      CIA kidnapped and tortured me in 1982. I had a worse situation happen with one of the maggots running for president while the US was honoring my forefathers for starting the US military on Breed’s Hill in 1776 heroin dealing Rockford police were drugging and raping me when I was a child in 1976

  • Kevin

    I stopped watching football this season. I despise these miserable creatures. Only in America can these illiterate haters be paid astronomical sums of money to play a game and hate this wonderful country as thanks. I’m down to hockey. They stand for both national anthems every game. #nomoreNFL

    • EyemNotFree

      I stopped watching football in the 70’s after the Boy Scouts taught me how to steal beer and smoke marijuana then kicked me out for being angry after they sexually assaulted me and urinated on me in my sleep. Football fans are organized gambling crime rings and need baseball bat therapy

      • proudcarrier

        Your BS troop was different from mine. Kids were kicked out for all those things, except bed-wetting assuming if was their own bed they wet.

        • EyemNotFree

          My coworker was sexually mutilated to death in the same camp I was assaulted in. The person that abducted him was a Rockford police imposter. The Nation of Islam/Rockford police deal heroin and still do today Chicago detective ring

        • EyemNotFree

          My counselor beat 5 of his kids to death as they slept

    • Arizona Willie

      There is something completely crazy about a multi-millionaire black man complaining he’s oppressed.

      • EyemNotFree

        Nation of Islam/ACLU opium ring

      • Dobie Gillis

        You got it, AW.

  • Anti-Levy

    if Lombardi were his coach he would have been gone last week…

    • EyemNotFree

      NFL is garbage and cares very little for basic human rights

  • Steve Burch

    I am one of many who is boycotting America’s game until this commissioner does something about these traitors disrespecting America. Players can get fined or suspended for disrespecting a ref or dancing in the endzone. If this is America’s game, it needs to be treated as such by all those involved. Cromartie got what he deserved, actions have consequences

    • EyemNotFree

      Football is organized crime. The fans should be nuked. Americans are tyrants disrespecting basic human rights. In Fraud We Trust. violently exterminate the United States military with extreme prejudice. No more death penalty for killing the religious police.

  • budfudlacker

    A (half) black president for the past 8 years, black doctors (my family doc is black), black lawyers, politicians, actors, pilots, military officers, athletes, you name it….how in the world did they slip through the cracks considering the astronomical oppression here in the US?

    It’s almost as if demonstrations like this are just people peddling for attention and/or special treatment. Hmmmmm……

    • EyemNotFree

      In the 70’s I walked everywhere and had no money for food. Africans were complaining about equal rights driving pimp mobiles buying t-bones with food stamps. I just had my first t-bone last year and I worked hard for it but even had to use my credit card to afford it. I am white and denied basic human rights

      • proudcarrier

        Yep. In the 70’s I was rich, I had a bicycle ! I had my $25 weekly food budget and it ran heavily towards potatoes, tomatoes and generic mac ‘n’ cheese when on sale price. And the tomatoes came from my parent’s garden, not the grocery store.

      • Jarby

        Let’s say a prayer for this white victim, denied basic human rights.

        • EyemNotFree

          Not for me. I have had enough voo doo health care. I demand the microchip out of my back CIA stuck there with East German spies. In Fraud We Trust

    • proudcarrier

      They don’t have to make sense, just like the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about the millions of black babies aborted or born drug addicted, nor the thousands shot by other black gang members/thugs. They just have to keep on saying the big lie long enough until enough weak minded people believe it. But if that never happens, they will have to deal with the backlash then. But hey, one of the leaders of BLM turned out to not even be black, and that never seemed to matter to anyone.

      • Jarby

        You know who else doesn’t give a “rat’s patootie” about black babies? You. You don’t. You don’t even define this “big lie” that you allude to. As fast as you change subjects and avoid solidifying any real rationales for your worthless opinions in your paragraph, I feel pretty comfortable assuming that you are as weak minded as the scary black strawman that you’ve created for yourself.

        • R Phillip

          Jarby, the ‘big lie’ is that police officers are inherently racist out killing ‘unarmed’ black men, or that police disproportionately target blacks in shooting incidents. In 2015 they discovered that 50% of all the offenders shot by police were caucasain – meaning more caucasians were shot than Asians, blacks, latinos and every other ‘ethnic’ group out there combined. In that study, only 26% were blacks. Additionally, they discovered that blacks committed up to 62% of violent crimes in certain major cities, despite making up only up to 26% of the population. See, it’s facts like this that #blackthugsmatter don’t want anyone to know about, because it ruins their narrative and takes away from their attempt to reclaim the ‘special’ title of ‘oppressed’ citizens considering that we’ve moved on from black oppression to that of gay oppression, muslim oppression and illegal immigrant oppression. Yep, blacks just don’t feel like they’re getting their fair share of handouts anymore because we’ve largely and mostly moved on from racial oppression and expect them to start doing it for themselves now.

          Of course I expect you come back with the tired argument that blacks are disproportionately charged with violent crimes based on race. While attempting to justify that argument, any chance you could also account for cultural biases of blacks that lead to glorification of crime and violence through music, television, movies, video games and other entertainments? Can you account for bias that street gangs are mostly comprised of young black males, followed by hispanics, followed by asians, as opposed to whites whose ‘gangs’ are normally outlaw motorcycle gangs (and yes, we have racist groups among whites, which we are not afraid to label as such because that is what they are…bet you won’t declare #blackthugsmatter a racist group will you? Or Black Panthers, or NAACP or United Negro College Fund?)
          In short, you call out proudcarrier for not supporting his argument…why not try doing the same with actual facts rather than screamed fear and racism?

  • JerseyGirl

    Moron from the National Felony League. Fire all of them for their disrespect ????????

    • EyemNotFree

      Get out of my country and take your pedophile jew god with you.

      • JerseyGirl

        What is your country and wtf are you talking about? You’ve made no points whatsoever in any of your rants/replies. Seek help????????

        • EyemNotFree

          You need to be violently exterminated with a baseball bat. Take your zionist mind control and get out of my country. My forefathers had no quarter for attacking your national guard on a religious night in 1776

        • EyemNotFree

          f ck your help. My counselor Simon Peter Nelson beat 5 of his children to death as they slept .

  • Dan Ridlen

    I’m sure that a person with your mental abilities can find a job in the food service industry.

    • EyemNotFree

      A bunch of organized scum buckets. Arrest and execute Marco Rubio

  • EyemNotFree

    In Fraud We Trust

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Excellent. Next?

  • JBLav

    12 children with eight mothers is a role model?

    • Arizona Willie

      It is to the black community. The more women a black man has slept with ( especially white women ) and the more kids he has the more ” street cred ” he has.

  • Still22

    Yeah I think that monthly outlay number needs some fact checking. Even at $10k per kid thats a third of what is reported here. Either way, another poor example of black fatherhood. The only difference is that he used to have legit money. Used to.

  • Ghost of Cicero

    Karama is a mofo.

  • proudcarrier

    “Cromartie has not been playing well this season despite signing a 3 million dollar deal prior to the season starting. He needs that 3 million dollars because he has fathered 12 children with 8 different women and has to pay more that 336,000 dollars a month in child support.”

    That shows how truly foolish he is. His little head does most of the thinking instead of his big head. What an idiot! Figuring 336 K per month, run out for the 18 years before each child reaches their majority is over 72 million. Since the support payment are likely written with increases for inflation/cost of living increases, this joker is going to default on most of them, since he is now probably going to be working as a bouncer somewhere for minimum wage plus whatever bribes he can scam letting people through. Add the likelihood that he will develop or already has a drinking or drug problem, and his life expectancy is such that he probably won’t live to see most of his children reach 18 and even less chance of seeing them in person before that.

    • R Phillip

      I think the amount of child support ordered is more indicative of greed and a failure of the court system toward men than anything else. How many families need to subsist on less than $3500 per month for the entire family, much less each child?

  • Susan J. Fine

    it’s about time. There is a better way to protest with out disrespecting the country & the service men that keep us free. Allowing us to make our personal fortunes while our service men are so underpaid. They fight with guns not any type of ball. Our Servicemen keep the overpaid ball players out of the service! Everyone not standing hand over heart should be fired on the spot! In front of the fans standing & saluting our National Anthem. There is NO game more important then our freedom & our country’s pride!

    • Jarby

      Pride is a sin.

  • Sailblazer

    “… he has fathered 12 children with 8 different women and has to pay more that 336,000 dollars a month in child support.”
    Wait! Each child gets $28,000 per month? No way.

  • Jack Reilly

    Phuck him, and everyone else who does this shit…….go somewhere else and try this nonsense and see what happens….

  • kootzie

    Ahhhh… very nice
    Blue-priviledge demonstrating their hate-on for blacks at every opportunity
    to rationalize their Immunity to act with Impunity in violating their oaths

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Please explain how this player getting terminated for his poor performance on the field have anything to do with so called “Blue-Priviledge”?

      • Jarby

        Look at the website url, dummy.

        • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

          That is rich!!! The poster is the one making up SJW terms and you call me a “dummy”.

    • Sam the Sham

      Two SC police, Dekalb PD Ga, Atlanta PD Ga, Tulsa Pd, Baltimore PD, and on and on have been arrested for their uses of force. Can you explain how that immaginary immunity you mentioned applies again? You narrow minded hate monger.

      • Jarby

        Are we really going to pretend that law enforcement faces the same legal consequences for their actions? Just stop. I’m flabbergasted that someone like you would have the nerve to post “This Machine Kills Fascists” as your profile. Woody Guthrie is rolling in his grave.

        • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

          You are right about LEO’s not facing the same legal consequences. They face far more scrutinizing than if they were not working in law enforcement. Not to mention they are being slaughtered by asshole BLM supporters and no one seems to give a crap about that in certain communities.

  • msmaddog

    What a complete pig!

  • trixie1223

    Many black men have been raised in households with a missing father. I think their anger starts at home.

  • John Mills

    Glad to see they had the guts to do the right thing, but make no mistake, they did the right thing because the NFL took a big hit for their ignorant anti police stance. I won’t pay to watch a bunch of thugs put this country down, and I don’t believe most Americans will stand for it either.

  • TM

    You can take the boy out of the hood, but not the hood out of the boy. Now let’s see if any of his homeys will financially support him.

  • Bryan Keith Small

    I am blown away at the racism the author and 95% of you people display towards players for expressing their feelings. I would tell you that the POA is a racist song towards AA’s. The fact that it was cleaned up not withstanding..Most of you don’t even know that fact,but I digress.You probably do and just don’t give a damn.But I have just realized this day that most of you white people just don’t give a fuck about the reasoning behind the actions..You just like black players as long as their mouths are closed and their playing ball.None of you even give a damn that we are Black men first and sports figures second…You all will never see where we are coming from because you really just don’t care.Its a sad day for me because this realization is sobering..

    • Jarby

      I know, man. I’m pretty upset with Google for bringing this racist circlejerk to the top of my newsfeed when I looked up “Antonio Cromartie”. This is a cesspit of ignorance.

  • Paul Alvarez

    This is what happens when you run with the wrong social and political crowd.
    This guy just went from living the dream, back to a statistic consistent with leftists and Democrats ambitions.
    Enjoy it!

  • Jarby

    I’m pretty disgusted with Google right now. I typed in “Antonio Cromartie”, and this racist circlejerk of a website came up as the first in the “news” section. This website and its commenters are absolutely pathetic.

  • Cindi K Nicholas Grisham

    Ha-ha, karma beeotch. Now you and all yo baby mammas will be signing up for food stamps, medical, free phones, free housing,etc….

  • gary

    IM done with the NFL alltogether. his is happening way too often among too many teams. And Im sure there are plenty of players who feel the same but dont want to lose their multimillion dollar contracts. F^&* them all. I’ll never watch the sh1theads again. NOw I think Ill turn on the shooting channel……….

  • mark

    A black man with 12 kids enough said!

  • Nathaniel Frank

    So we’re firing people now for practicing their first amendment rights? Weren’t christians complaining about EXACTLY THAT when coaches were getting fired for praying in public during/after games? It’s nice to know the hypocrisy of people that they wail for about citizens’ rights when it’s a matter that THEY approve of, but then rejoice in the denial or punishment of those rights when it’s a matter that they don’t approve of. The 1st Amendment right to peacefully protest belongs to everyone and should not be denied simply because it offends someone else’s sensibilities.

  • Asia

    Wow! The person who wrote this article and the individuals who have consigned it’s content are ignorant racists. This country has turned its back to the trials and tribulations of African Americans for decades. And now you decide to get upset because we are tired of it and have started to peacefully protest by kneeling during the National anthem? This is a perfect example of the institutionalized racism running rampant in America.

  • UnCivilized Gentleman

    FYI to all you dumb ass racist ass white folks on this page. that team will be sued and he will find another team soon so its cool. #BlackPower #BlackLivesMatters

  • PNut67

    I have not watched a game yet, not even preseason, & if this continues, will probably miss out on playoffs & Superbowl, FIRST TIME EVER IN 50 YRS!….protesting the protesters….durn Skippy, you bet!!!!! Buying NFL gear this year? Not hardly. There Goodell….as the song goes : How Ya Like Me Now?!
    Racist? NOT AT ALL THE LEAST!!!!
    I am a Christian, a son of my Father which art in Heaven who commands me to “Love My Brother”….& I try every day, even though some brothers make it pretty dog-gone trying to do so. ANY form of racism is WRONG! There is no “grey” area. Doesn’t matter the color of the racist. This is not being “politically correct”, this is being “Christian correct”, which was the first & ONLY correctness, regardless what the Mickey Mouse club up there in DC tells me.
    So now that I have shared MY stance on this topic….feel free to let the hating begin, because I can’t stop ya.

    Yours sincerely,

    A “Reagan era” United States Marine.

  • M Anled

    go back to the battles of Shenandoah and Gettysburg ..white people gave their lives …in much blood shed to rid this country of the scourge of slavery ..and paid the ultimate price for black people …and made this country a better place ..WHAT is being protested? ..Hey ..Cromartie …you’re a disgrace of a man stand for nothing ..except when you need to take your pants off ..
    ..further …I don’t care how ‘talented’ a football player is don’t stand? hold no reverence for the flag? ..go find work elsewhere ..and while your looking for employment ..take a few moments to f#$%k yourself too ..

  • Tim Serges

    So glad this anti-USA player, who lives at a time where he fully reaps the benefits from those who fought for his rights during and since the National Anthem, now has plenty of time to find a more fitting country for his needs.