Antifa Rioter Gets Hard Prison Time For Portland Riot

Antifa rioter Damian Feller is being sentenced to five years in prison.

Antifa rioter Damian Feller is being sentenced to five years in prison.

Damian Feller Pleads Guilty After Portland Antifa Riot

Portland, OR – An Antifa rioter who threw burning flares into a Portland police cruiser and a downtown Target store pleaded guilty on Monday in exchange for a five year prison sentence.

Damian Feller, pleaded guilty in court on Monday, September 25, to first-degree arson, second-degree arson, riot, and first-degree criminal mischief.

His five-year prison sentence will be formally announced at his sentencing hearing in October.

In return for the plea, he will not receive any additional prison time for federal charges, according to OregonLive.

The incident occurred at a Mayday protest in downtown Portland, when a group of about 20 Antifa members gathered.  Other protesters were there, and the protest was peaceful until the Antifa group arrived.

The Antifa group vandalized property, set fires to buildings and the police cruiser, threw rocks at police officers, and even throw a can of Pepsi at a fire department medic.

Damian Feller was with that violent Antifa group.  He was arrested two days later after being recognized by officers in surveillance video.  Police arrested 25 people on the night of the rally.

In the video, Feller could be seen throwing a flare through a picture window at the Target, and also later hurling a flare through a Portland police cruiser.  The Target window was already broken, but the cruiser’s window was not.

Angry people wearing masks and clad all in black could be seen kicking and/or hitting the windows of the cruiser seconds before Feller threw the flare inside.

Portland police detectives showed Feller a picture of the person who threw one of the flares from surveillance video, and he told them, “I saw that online, and I knew I was (expletive).”

He told the detectives that he followed the ‘mob mentality.’

Shortly after his arrest, Feller blamed his actions on his homelessness, his daily use of marijuana, and what he said was untreated bi-polar disorder.  His previous criminal history appears to be minor.

On Feller’s Facebook page, there is a picture of him dressed in black and lighting what appears to be a flag.  There is also a picture of a group of individuals, all wearing black and wearing masks, while smoke lingers from something that is burning.

His ‘liked’ section includes links to Super Dark Anarchist Memes, North London Anti-Fascists, Anarchist Black Shield, Anarchist Art & Propaganda, and many more Antifa groups.

  • JannaR

    “…Feller blamed his actions on his homelessness, his daily use of marijuana, and what he said was untreated bi-polar disorder.”
    Sure. blame it on anything, and everything, except for the fact that you’re an asshole. These antifa assclowns won’t take responsibility for anything they do wrong. It’s always someone/something else’s fault, and they were ‘triggered’.

    • TruthSeeker

      If he was homeless, how could he afford those fine black dude? Or did someone outfit him?

    • Justsaying

      My mistake, I thought “homelessness, daily use of marijuana, and untreated bi-polar disorder” were prerequisites to join ANTIFA.

    • Steve

      You hit the nail — assclowns never take responsibility — they blame everyonelse for their problems or their perceived OPPRESSION.

    • GRComments

      Gee, an untreated bipolar disorder? I thought that he would be insured (and even get medical care) under Obamacare. No matter what, he can get some care, even if from charity.
      Daily use of marijuana is his choice. If he blames it, then he knows it is messing up his life and he needs to do something about it.
      Homelessness? Quit spending your money on dope. Get a job. Get a life.
      This guy is a total loser. He is for a rude awakening in prison. Real life there, and not comfortable.

  • Rick B

    Just 5 years……SUCKS………his actions caused thousands of dollars in damages which we will all be paying for when our insurance premiums go up.

  • Not2pc4U

    He is going to blame his large rear opening to 5 years of being Bubba’s Belt loop Bitch in prison and servicing all of Bubba buddies. Have fun in prison scumbag, just think your out in 5 just the start of Trump’s Second term.

    • kaw


  • rdc101

    The little ba#$@rd got off light. He should be facing 20+ years due to the nature of his crimes. This little “snowflake” better grow up fast because prison is not a kindergarten. Now he’ll come out a hardcore “Supremacist” after his association with all those wanting to mentor him on the inside.

  • traviepagliuzze

    When he gets out someone will finish his sentence.


  • Common Non-Sense

    he’s a God Da.. liar.. he got very little time considering, the hundreds of thousands in damages… POS

  • Remo_5_0

    I am amazed he pled guilty, I would have taken my chances with a liberal jury in liberal loving Oregon. Glad he is off to prison though.

    • ButtercupKelley

      Not such a good idea in federal court. Much more conservative, and you’ll do 80% of your time, no matter what.

      • Remo_5_0

        Ahh, true. I see they removed the federal charges in lieu of the plea.

  • Live from Liz Warrens Teepee

    Ok, one down and a lot to go. Since PAntifaRT seems oblivious to the lessons of history I doubt these asssclowns will learn anything from Damian Feller’s mistakes…

  • John Degel

    So how does a “homeless” person maintain a Facebook page?

    • ButtercupKelley

      On his ObamaPhone…

      • Navydoc201


      • Moz Bourne

        Is that anything like a Bananaphone?

    • Steve

      Because you and I worked our asses off to pay for his shit and those who claim we always oppress them’s shit.

  • Rick B

    the article said “His ‘liked’ section includes links to Super Dark Anarchist Memes, North London Anti-Fascists, Anarchist Black Shield, Anarchist Art & Propaganda, and many more Antifa groups.” Face Book needs to shut these pages down, NOW

  • Jonas Blane ll

    But but whites don’t riot I was told.

    • Pushed to the limit

      If he;s a jew, he’s not White.

      • gunslinger97

        Shut up idiot

        • Pushed to the limit

          Phuuuuck you little boy.

          • gunslinger97

            Lets do it bitch

      • gunslinger97

        I am not Jewish, but I think I am going to kick your ass anyhow

        • Pushed to the limit

          Good luck! jews aint White, pal.

    • Steve

      I think people have been saying the Alt Left ANTIFAs and Black Bloc, who are predominantly white turds, do some crazy shit for quite some time.

      As for those being responsible for burning down neighborhoods, looting, home invasions, gang rapes, taking over an entire train and beating and robbing passengers, breaking into tourists’ rental cars to steal their shit, or shooting someone after they’ve taken their shit, being responsible for upwards of 70% of felonies, in general pissing off law abiding people of color (black, brown, white, magenta, etc), religion and such, AND having the Media sensor their identities, let me guess who these folks are, uh uh uh, Little Green Men from Mars!!!!

      I think you would find many folks more forgiving of those who cause the majority of our crime problems if they simply acknowledged that they have a problem and asked for help instead of blaming others for their oppression — if you don’t admit having a problem how can you change — and that goes for racists 💩 too.

  • Robert Pashka

    Sayonara fuckface. Say hi to Bubba for me.

  • Scott Anderson

    Will likely come out of prison a tranny.

  • william

    Only one going to prison?

  • michael schimanski

    The police should start arresting as many of these assholes as they can catch and the courts should throw the book at them . That would solve a lot of the problem . Big fines and long jail time is the cure .

  • Tommmm14

    5 years is NOTHING! The sentence should have been 25 years with 6 months off for each person he turned in who was with him who’s successfully convicted. 5 years is absolutely NOTHING!!!! Hand down a sentence that will get their attention. Time to get hard on these traitors…

  • Richard Fitzwell

    I hope it was worth it……..dumbass

  • Peekin-In

    Yeah but he was also getting his life together and was going to make his life productive………. Pffffffffffffftttttttt

  • Mike Smith

    I wonder if Soros will be paying him $25/hr while he’s cookin’ in the slammer?

  • Adam Mcculler

    Blaming pot seals your fate..once you are worthless hump…

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Get ready to smell “punk” coming from his cell.

  • Mike from Burnsville

    So when will Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaines son Linwood “Woody” Kaine get his prison sentence for rioting and resisting arrest? I think the Democratic party candidates son is going to get away with assaulting senior citizens. Just because he wore antifa mask and assaulted people doesn’t mean he should be punished. He is a good little Democrat and should get away with it he was only assaulting Republicans.

  • Fred H. Smith

    all the excuses in the world does not mean he did not know right from wrong.. he made the wrong choices and now he wants EXCUSED … gimme a break