BREAKING: Antifa Attacking Boston PD At Boston Free Speech Rally

Boston Police Officers were attacked by Antifa at the Boston Free Speech rally.

Boston Police Officers were attacked by Antifa at the Boston Free Speech rally.

Antifa Rioters Attack Police At Boston Free Speech Rally

Boston, MA – An estimated over 20,000 people showed up to Boston to protest the Free Speech Rally after it was reported that the free speech group was made up of white supremacists. Antifa among the counter-protesters began attacking police Saturday afternoon.

Around 50 people showed up to attend the Free Speech Rally, none of them are known white supremacists and no white supremacist symbols were being displayed.

After the 50 people at the free speech rally gave speeches, police tried to transport them out and Antifa members began to mob them and throw objects at police officers. Those officers were in their patrol uniform with no protective gear.

Multiple arrests have been made as crowd control officers responded and took down some of the Antifa agitators.

Most of the people in the crowd are not engaging in violence, but Antifa is using those people as cover to attack the Boston Police officers.

Earlier in the day, near the start of the counter-protest march, an Antifa member attacked a woman who was holding an American flag. The Antifa hit her, and dragged her across the ground as he stole her flag. The moment was captured on video.

Antifa has been given a free-pass by many of the protesters because they claim to be anti-Nazi, but they are really just violent extremists.

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