Another Police Officer Suicide (is one more too many)

Another Police Officer Suicide

Officers comfort each other after dealing with the stresses of police work

Another Police Officer Suicide (is one more too many)

I received a Facebook message in from a police officer telling me that his partner had just taken his life the day before – his request was that I focus on the topic here on the show. We will do exactly that, join me and Susan Simons, President/Founder of Under The Shield as we take on this troubling trend in policing.

Just recently, a special request was posted on Lt. Sutton’s Facebook page from a young police officer on the east coast – asking for a big favor. The message went on to explain that his partner had committed suicide just the day before, and that he was having great difficulty dealing with the trauma. He talked about his partner having suffered with alcohol issues, and had experienced some trouble at work – all causing him to take his own life.

The officer was wondering if Lt. Sutton would cover this heavy topic on the show. With that Lt. Sutton reached out to Susan Simon, an expert on Law Enforcement Stress and Director of “Under The Shield” an organization the helps police to cope with the stress associated with the job. Susan is doing some extraordinary work and making an impact in the profession, she was the perfect one to join me so that I could properly honor the request.


Law enforcement personnel statistically lead our society in suicide, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, divorce, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These statistics are indicative of the serious lack of support and resources for law enforcement personnel and their families. That’s where Under The Shield comes in – to provide that support in those crucial moments in an officer’s life.

Susan Simons, President/Founder of Under The Shield. Simmons is an internationally recognized Expert in the specialized field of Stress Management in public safety/emergency services and military. She provides training seminars and programs focusing on stress management, critical incident response/reactions and the impact of this “lifestyle” on the family.

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Randy Sutton is a 34 year Law Enforcement veteran and the National Spokesman for ‘BlueLivesMatter”. He is recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in America, having awards for Valor, Community Service, Exemplary Service and multiple Lifesaving awards. Author: “True Blue To Protect and Serve” – Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them and “A Cop’s Life” – True Stories from the Heart Behind the Badge and the “Power of Legacy”.

  • ben dover

    Yes and that problem with substance abuse is a real problem with you thin blue liners. You guys usually do not get arrested by your friends in blue you look the other way . How is that war on drugs working out for us all! Oops i forgot thats were you get your overtime from and new equipment and whatever else you steal from the average Joe. Boo Hoo if you can not handle the heat get TF out of the kitchen

    • Mike Korach

      And the peanut gallery had been heard from. Nothing like ignorance to prove just how stupid you are, well done sir nothing I write could make you sound as stupid as your own post.

      • ben dover

        Well then change your culture. I am a law abiding citizen with 2 tickets in my life. Have a nice house in an upscale area of town, And have been harassed numerous times for nothing more than riding or running in the evening. And your kind always feel like they are on a power trip! Why dont you blue lined pukes act like you are supposed to seeing my 10k a year in property taxes pays your salaries. Dont start with the ego at the start of every encounter. And when one of your butt buddies do wrong turn them in ! Any job i have had if someone does wrong they get in trouble, you dont. How about patrolling the community instead of trying to raise as much capital so you can get your overtime pay. Also you cops almost never ever use your blinker! Yet Joe citizen gets a ticket if not used…And finally what makes me ignorant? If you answer nothing else tell me that one thing……

  • Concerned Dad

    If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you shouldn’t kill yourself.