Ann Coulter Bashes American Police, Praises European Police

Conservative commentator, Ann Coulter, bashes American police officers in her tweets.

Conservative commentator, Ann Coulter, bashes American police officers in her tweets.

Ann Coulter Anti-American-Police Tweets

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has taken to Twitter to bash American police officers while praising the “macho” police officers in Europe.

It all started when for whatever reason, Ann Coulter sent a tweet which suggested that only “large, strong men” should be cops.

Coulter tweeted, “We’re hectored to be like the French on adultery & global warming. Why can’t we be like the French on hiring large, strong men as cops?”

A female law enforcement officer, @Amabile_uno, reasonably took offense to the suggestion that because she wasn’t a “large, strong” man, she shouldn’t be a cop.

She tweeted, “I wear my badge and do my job like any strong man does & at times do it better.. walk in my shoes before you talk this B.S. talk!”

She went to Facebook to voice more of her feelings:

“I for the most part brush things off on a regular basis .. but wow just wow I finally felt I needed to defend myself and my career here! In no way is a woman not capable of wearing the badge or walking in the shoes of her brother. I do it, I work with and know other sisters over the entire world who do it too.. no-one who has never walked on my shoes should ever talk about how this career should be done and by who!

Sexist much Ann Coulter??”

To make things worse, Ann Coulter’s tweet was actually the second tweet in a series; this second tweet was apparently to clarify her feelings on the matter after she insulted the NYPD.

“Paris police very macho, unlike the little girls on NYPD: Only 2 shots fired, one hit the Muslim in the thorax,” Coulter tweeted, in reference to a terrorist attack at Notre-Dame, Paris.

It’s not clear if she’s bashing only female officers with her “little girls” comment, or if she’s referring to all NYPD officers as “little girls.”

Coulter hasn’t returned a request for clarification.

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