Angry Veteran Responds: Alicia Keys Insults America

Angry Veteran Responds: Alicia Keys Insults America

Angry Veteran Responds: Alicia Keys Insults America (Reuters)

Angry Veteran Responds: Alicia Keys Insults America.

Alicia Keys, an artist well known for her stellar music career that spans nearly 15 years, was invited to perform at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this past Tuesday. Keys started a new debate, but it wasn’t about her performance. She made a comment just before her performance that deserves an award for the most ignorant statement of the night. Keep in mind, this is at the same place where Hillary Clinton was exploiting the mothers of dead “justice-involved individuals.”

Keys stated, “Until we deal with gun control in America, we cannot claim to be the home of the brave.”

The stance against guns in America is one shared by many celebrities. Even Matt Damon had said that he dreams of gun control in America, though a large part of his success can be attributed to the Jason Bourne franchise; a franchise built around the use of weapons hand-to-hand combat.

The truly disturbing thing about Alicia Keys’ statement was her proclamation that the United States of America isn’t, in fact, the home of the brave. That seems to ignore the fact that, on four separate occasions, the men and women of America took on the great burden of defeating tyranny, which included freeing an entire race of enslaved people.

Those fights didn’t just take place on American soil, but across the world. It started when the colonists of America challenged British rule and the fought for independence. That war wasn’t fought with feelings, but with weapons and bravery.

Next, there’s the Civil War, which abolished slavery in America. After that, there was the First World War, which took millions of men and women, with guns, to defeat tyranny in Europe. And if that’s not enough for you, then there’s also the Second World War, where countless lives were lost in order to defeat an evil that threatened to eradicate an entire religion of people.

I wish Keys could look at the men and women from those wars and personally try to tell them that they do not belong to the home of the brave; they took up arms to defeat evil, and did what had to be done.

It’s becoming more popular to take a stance against guns in this country, but to take a stance against the men and woman who have perished in the service of their country, to even suggest that their service was not brave, is an ignorant and distasteful comment. As a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom I am appalled at the tastelessness of Alicia Keys’ proclamation. I suggest that Alicia Keys leave this home of America that she seems to despise so much, and take her hateful rhetoric elsewhere.

  • Syd

    There’s thing called karma, laws of the of the universe or laws of attraction…basically what you put out echoes back to you. If your life is miserable you probably had more to do with that than one is willing to admit…give rudeness and ignorance that’s what you will get. Duh!!!!

  • SheSaidThat

    this is a stretch…

  • bubba2m

    When all these hypocrites disarm THEIR body guards, THEN I will consider gun control! ( I lied, I won’t, but if they hate guns so much, they need to disarm their people)

  • Arthur Wilton

    Alicia Keys meant to say that we lack the courage to impose gun control. That’s hardly a treasonable sentiment and her expressing it does not disparage the sacrifices of our veterans.