VIDEO: Andrew Rosas Arrested For Burning Homeowner’s American Flag

Andrew Rosas was arrested after he set fire to a homeowner's American Flag.

Andrew Rosas was arrested after he set fire to a homeowner’s American Flag.

After Burning A Homeowner’s Flag, Andrew Rosas Was Arrested For The Arson

Richmond, VA – A man who was caught on video setting fire to an American flag being flown proudly outside a homeowner’s residence was arrested on Wednesday, June 28, according to Fox5DC.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, when Tanner woke up to find his charred flag.  He checked the Nest cam surveillance video that he uses, and discovered the vandalism had been captured on video.

Tanner said, “This is vandalism and you have somebody that totally disregards the safety of the people around there.  It is also totally disregard what the flag represents.”  He said that he was also concerned that the fire could have spread to his home.

He said, “It was a synthetic flag, so it just melted”, according to WTVR.  Tanner said that it appears that the suspect was trying to steal the flag, and set it on fire “out of stupidity” when he couldn’t get it loose from the flagpole.  The pillar that the flag was mounted on was also damaged during the vandalism.

His neighbors expressed concern over the incident.  One neighbor, Joseph Lawson, said, “The whole front porch could have caught on fire. Now, knowing it was one of my neighbors, my house could have caught on fire. So it could have been a really bad situation.  He added, “You got to know how controversial that is, whether he’s trying to make a protest or not.”

The suspect, Andrew Rosas, age 26, turned himself in to the Richmond Police Department about 10:30 PM Wednesday night.  He was charged with arson.

The Richmond Police Department had asked for the public’s help in locating the suspect, and thanked them for the tips they called in.

You can see video of the flag burning below: