Vandals Attack Amery Police Chief’s Personal Vehicle And Patrol Car At His Home

Amery Police Chief Tom Marson's patrol car is a 2017 RAM. His personal vehicle was also damaged.

Amery Police Chief Tom Marson’s patrol car is a 2017 RAM. His personal vehicle was also damaged.

Amery Chief Tom Marson’s Cars Vandalized At Home

Polk County, WI –  The police vehicle and the personal vehicle of Amery Police Chief Tom Marson were heavily damaged by vandals over the weekend.

According to the Amery Free Press,  the incident occurred at Chief Marson’s home overnight Saturday, April 29 into Sunday, April 30  His police vehicle was a newly acquired 2017 Dodge Ram truck that only had 1600 miles on it.

Both vehicles were scratched extensively and had large amounts of paint thrown on them.  Damage estimates are not yet available, but Assistant Chief Joe Vierkandt said that the truck will have to be repainted completely.

He said that there are no suspects but that the investigation is ongoing.  The Assistant Chief said that this is the first time that something like this has happened.

He also said “It is very concerning that someone would do this outside a law enforcement officer’s home. We are extremely disappointed by this act.”  Assistant Chief Vierkandt said that the vandalism is even more frustrating in light of the efforts that the department has made over the years to establish a positive presence in the community.

  • Calistress

    I bet he did this himself.

    • richard scalzo

      That’s because you’re an idiot.

    • Nick Fury II

      Remember the cop who shot himself a couple of weeks ago and blamed it on someone else? Remember Joe glinewicz the cop who shot himself but before he died he said a IR duo killed him? Remember the white firefighter who burned his house and wrote Fry em like bacon? Still waiting for Blue lives matter to apologise for putting up that story.

      • jennifer

        …and your remarks have ZERO to do with this post.

      • Sean Preston

        Blue Lives Matter doesn’t need to apologize for anything. Especially not for something so small as posting news about low-life dirt bags doing something to first responders and then it turns out that in a few outlying cases it was a story fabricated by the victim. The people that attack first responders should consider themselves lucky that people like myself aren’t in charge of police stations. I’d have them armed for war, not riot control. But that’s probably just the prior military in me pissed off at how ungrateful people are for what first responders sacrifice on a daily basis.

        Blue Lives Matter, keep up the good work folks! I hope the Polk County Officers find the shitbirds that did this.

  • lets not rush to judgment here, lets wait for all the facts.