Amazon Patents Mini Police Drone That We Will Probably Break

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Amazon Patents Mini Police Drone That We Will Probably Break

Police may be carrying tiny, voice controlled, flying cameras in the future instead of body cameras.

Amazon Technologies, Inc. patented a device in mid October that they call an “unmanned aerial vehicle assistant”. The little drone can run off of voice commands, be manually controlled by the officer, or manually controlled by another person. reports

Depending on how the drone were outfitted, it could be to find vehicles in a large parking lot, run license plates, monitor a dangerous situation, gather remote video and audio, detect fires using a thermal imaging camera, or even identify people using facial recognition software, among other tasks, according to the filings.

That sounds pretty neat, but my concern is where it is mounted. A little electronic device like that is probably extremely fragile. In the patent picture below, you can see the tiny drone clipped on top of a police officers radio mic.


I think that Amazon fails to realize just how destructive a police officer can be when it comes to their gear. I have no doubt that in that position they would need to be replaced quite often. Not only that, but it probably wouldn’t feel too good to have those little propellers smack you right in the ear if you move when it takes off.

Other than the location, it would be excellent for barricaded suspects and hostage situations. The first officers on scene could quickly figure out what’s going on before backup even arrives.

The topic of drones in police has been very controversial as of late. Last year, it was announced in North Dakota that drones with Tasers might become a possibility. Earlier this year, the man who shot and killed several officers in Dallas was killed by a bomb disposal robot carrying a block of C4 Explosive.

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  • Scott Malcolm

    They could mount it on the veh. in a protective case that slides open.