VIDEO: Navy Corpsman To Get Military Justice For Forcing Newborns To Dance, Flipping Them Off

Allyson Thompson is being investigated for her treatment of newborns.

Allyson Thompson is being investigated for her treatment of newborns.

Allyson Thompson Under Investigation For Social Media Posts With Newborns

Jacksonville, FL – Military families are outraged over photos and a video that shows a Corpsman posting pictures of new-born babies, inappropriate comments, and videos of them holding the babies and treating them like puppets while dancing to music.

The incidents occurred at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, and involved a Corpsman named Allyson Thompson, according to USMC Life. A second Corpsman, Joanie Barrett, is also reported to have participated in the incidents.

One video posted showed an adult hand, apparently female, with the middle finger raised, toward the baby in the background, and the following comment, “How I currently feel about these mini-Satans.”


The video that had the above comment in it was uploaded to Snapchat, and went viral.  It has since been removed. The Corpsman’s profile has been de-activated.

A military spouse, who was not identified, discovered the disturbing videos and photos, and has notified the Naval Hospital.

Posting pictures of any patient within a hospital is a major HIPAA violation. Concerns have also been expressed about babies being shaken during the videos, while apparently “dancing”.

The Navy is investigating.  In a statement, Naval Hospital Jacksonville’s Commander said:

“We are aware of a video / photo posted online. It’s outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated. We have identified the staff members involved. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice. We’re in the process of notifying the patient’s parents.”

You can see the video below of Allyson Thompson forcing a newborn to dance to 50 Cent:

  • ProUSAProGOD

    This is appalling! I am glad they were caught.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Here’s Navy Corpsman Allyson Thompson mistreating the newborn children of her fellow Navy personnel. However,since Allyson is white she will be forgotten about in a week. Colin Kaepernick never did anything like this to any child of a military person. I hope Blue Lives Matter will have the same outrage for Allyson it does Colin Kaepernick. After all isn’t a Navy Corpsman mistreating the newborn babies of her fellow Navy personnel, much more disrespectful to the military than a guy not standing for the national anthem? I hope we see months of outrage for Allyson like we have seen towards Colin. I doubt it. But I could be wrong.

    • Bee Sun

      This article has ZERO to do with Colon… Let’s keep the focus on what this woman did and how she will pay for her stupidity.

      • Navydoc201

        Don’t feed the troll..

    • chrishill9

      She disrespected individuals and deserves punishment. CK disrespected the entire country and deserves to not play in the NFL. Completely different situations on entirely different levels of people doing stupid and disrespectful things.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        You’re the 4th person to respond and all four of you only call out Colin or CK . Allyson Thompson isn’t called out by her name or initials. This is no surprise to me.

        • Vairy

          Allyson Thompson and Colin Kaepernick are losers. Feel better now? Stop with the bull and move on this is not about Colin K. it’s about Allyson T.. Or maybe i should say CK and AT? Good grief I’m tired of the blatant race baiting bull coming from people like you. Get a hobby.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Why don’t you call it race baiting bull when people here engage in excessive Anti black rhetoric?

          • OrganicGirl

            Take your toys and go home and play with your Colon.

    • Beth Day

      Are you insane? Anyone not outraged by the behavior of these pigs is not human. As for Kaepernick, he is almost as disgusting as these two corpsmen. And WTH does race have to do with anything?

      • Jonas Blane ll

        2. Everything.

        • Steve Whitten

          Please take your race bait elsewhere-you are an ass. These “sailors” not only were extraordinarily disrespectful, there acted in a manner with high potential to harm an innocent. Your attempts to score political points are 1) misguided and 2) counterproductive (in case you do not quite “get it” you are being exactly the worthless piece of garbage everyone is saying colon is)

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Another person that won’t call Allyson out by name or out of her name. Yet you have no problem calling Colin out of his name.

          • Steve Whitten

            And, again, you prove the point–who cares about the name(s) except race-baiting freaks?

          • DeplorableFromNY

            He’s just a troll…ignore him

      • proteus

        Yeah, and Kaperdick is out of work. His choice

    • Deborah Parker

      This is about baby not about Colin they are both garbage in my book hope they lock her sorry butt up oh and hope Colin never plays again that goes for any sports player that shows no respect

      • Jonas Blane ll

        I notice how you don’t call out Allyson by name. Yet you have no problem calling Colin’s name twice.

        • Dotsy Maher


        • We haven’t heard her name every for day for over a year now. we famous and in everyone’s mind now…she’s no one. If you can’t see the difference that’s your problem

    • DeplorableFromNY

      I think they’re both shameful. I’d be just as outraged at Colin if he was white. It’s not about race, it’s about respecting your country and those that risk their lives in the military. I think about our vets…some who are homeless, others with PTSD and some who’ve lost limbs. Black, white, indian, asian American servicemen and women, who have made great personal sacrifices for our freedom. This is why I stand for our National Anthem. Is America perfect…hell no, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I completely understand that people have valid concerns over racism, or a few bad cops who make very poor decisions. However, when you’re fortunate and priviledged enough to be a pro athlete making millions, you don’t cause a national scene by taking a knee, which causes further hurt to our vets and active service personnel. You want to make a difference? Join up with other black activists and voice your concerns with community leaders, politicians or the media. Be a good role model for our youth and do something positive instead of something so negative. Colin and other pro athletes, who take a knee, fail to realize (or perhaps they just don’t care) that it’s a display of contempt, not only to our country, but also towards our servicemen and women of all races.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        If they were both shameful you’d mention Allyson’s name as you mentioned Colin’s name. You also go on a tirade about Colin and prosperous athletes. However, there’s no tirade about a Navy Corpsman mistreating newborn babies of her fellow Navy personnel. An act that is truly more disrespectful of the Military than athletes not standing for the national anthem.

        • DeplorableFromNY

          Oh no, you’ve got that very wrong. There is just as much outrage for Allyson’s actions as there were for Colin’s disrespectful behavior. Don’t believe me? Just check out the comments on facebook…there are a number of people who want to assault this woman for her dispicable actions. Plenty of tirade’s being flung, but you’ll come up with another excuse saying that’s not the case. I would expect no less from a troll, like yourself. Troll: a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll’s amusement.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            I’m not on Facebook.

        • Michael Gary Spight

          Fuck off, Blane…you’re an idiot.

        • Beetlebailey

          Okay, here’s my huge issue with ya’ll who see everything through a lens of race—you demand that fewer people committing crimes be brought into the media light, you demand that fewer people who are causing problems be named and seen by the public because it will cause people to see the race as being bad. Now, not only are you demanding that we withhold criticism (as opposed to violent action) against basically more than one NFL team using their limelight to propagate their agenda against the people who support their country and believe in their ability to have free speech. The NFL has lost viewership and they’re in it to make money—ergo Kapernick gets pulled. He’s a troublemaker and a mediocre player, now he’s famous for being a “civil rights activist” because he sat out the nation’s anthem in protest of criminal violence being curbed by the police. He’s free to disagree with the police action, the NFL is free to fire him—but he used a platform that the NFL provided for him to be broadcast into millions of homes furthering his agenda. You cannot have it both ways—you can’t say it’s racist to point out a black guy was in the wrong (and probably would have been shot by any other black guy with a guy about 10 incidences prior to his killing) and then say it’s not racist to demand only white criminals be paraded on the media—which they are. There are mass shootings in black communities ALL THE TIME, but Dylan Roof is all of a sudden the go-to because he’s the rogue white dude who murdered a bunch of people. You basically want someone who didn’t actually murder people held up as an example for our entire race because she’s a disgusting human being and you believe everyone who is white is like her and she’s now privileged for only being criticized by EVERYONE (I really don’t know your point). Or is it our privilege to criticize only white people who hurt black people and white people who are damaging to our society but it’s not okay to call out any black person who hurts or kills or robs or damages an entire neighborhood because if we do, we’re just racist hypocrites. Just…tighten your argument. You have no clue what the rule of law is, nor do you have a clue what a functioning society looks like because you’ve insulated yourself from true opposing opinions that may have some ground in FACT.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            With that long soliloquy you somehow managed to accuse me of things I didn’t say or do. Also you leave out Allyson Thompson’s surname, yet you have no problem mentioning Kaepernick.

          • Beetlebailey

   First of all. Second: You’re the one who brought up Kaepernick as relevant—that was my response to why it should not be. It doesn’t exist in the same realm—you’re asking everyone here to quit criticizing her (which we were) to attend to the fact that we haven’t mentioned her (which makes no sense). Way to achieve a null argument that gets no one anywhere. I hope you have a wonderful life being an ignorant fool.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Once again you mention Kaepernick not Thompson.
            Is a football player who peacefully protests the national anthem by not standing more harmful to the Military,than a Navy Corpsman that mistreats the newborn babies of her fellow Navy personnel?

          • Beetlebailey

            Lol. It’s delightful that anyone who comes back to read this will see you keep making exactly my point.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            I notice how you didn’t answer the question.

          • Beetlebailey

            One is more nuanced than the other. Thompson deserves to be punished within the rule of law for her actions and thought by the public to be a terrible person. Kaepernick deserves to be ostracized by the public and is promoting violence against cops and false narratives. Guess who more people are listening to? The guy on television who says that cops are killers and everyone but blacks are racist is the one who is going to cause MORE harm to society BUT, because we have freedom of speech he’s allowed to say it. The difference is that Thompson WILL be punished for her actions. She’s not espousing any ideas, she’s not being promoted as a good guy or a hero. Kaepernick IS, hence your desire to bring him—unasked—into the conversation simply because people on this site disagree with him 100% because he is, evidentially speaking, completely wrong.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Please answer the question without a sad attempt at deception?

          • Beetlebailey

            Yeah, you’re an idiot with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Research the Socratic method and get back to me.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Thank you for your sad attempt at deception and not answering the question.
            Say hi to Otto for me.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            When did Kaepernick promote violence against cops?

          • Rick Imhotep

            WTF does the flag have to do with the NFL? They were PAID to include the anthem pregame in the 90’s, I think before then players stayed in the locker rooms, I’m sure they nor the coach were not pledging allegiance but getting their game faces on! You dummies are NOT even interested in the sport but rather just watch to see who is kneeling. LMAO. Stupidity at it’s finest! Forgive me for saying “dummies” but I’m so sick of the hypocrisy. Unfortunately MOST things ARE about race, we deal with crime in our neighborhoods but with the no snitching shyt that goes on rarely is a suspect arrested and IF he does he’s set free because somebody got to the witness before trial and threatened his/her family. Most killing in our lives is either Drug or gang related, I wonder what the excuse is for ALL the murders whites commit, I mean you guys are not drug addicts, pushers, drunks, gangbangers(sarcasm) so WHY do you commit the most murders? And can cops use the broken windows policy to hopefully stave off the next wife killer or school shooter? I do understand the business aspect of owners not wanting Kap on their team, but I also know they’re white too, so they are looking through two lenses. If EVERYONE actually got to know folks of different races this country would be better, I actually know folks outside my own race, so I have no hangups, the only folks on welfare that I know , on METH, on HEROIN, are DRUNKS, with multiple felony arrests are my white friends, but watching the news you’d think it was only black folks, travel more and see what’s really going on, people are people. Dylan roof is an outrage because he killed them because of their RACE, when have you heard of a white man or black man going into a white church killing innocent folks? Whites ONLY do that cowardly shyt to black churches or Mosques. It’s interesting that Muslims here haven’t killed anyone, maybe the Boston Bombers(If they were from here I’m not sure) yet they are targeted because of fear, while cops are MURDERING people and getting away with it, and blacks are supposed to be so violent, while haven’t they retaliated IF they’re violent? MORE whites kill cops but blacks are more of a supposed threat. Give me a fudging break!! I may be mistaken about the date but until 2009 players stayed in the locker room for the anthem.

        • Scott Patrick

          Fuck Allyson, Fuck Colin, and while we’re at it, Fuck you too. There, I used both their names. Feel better now?

      • William Black

        Brian – a short disagreement. For Colin it is racial. Race transcends all with the majority of blacks. By just watching the news over the last 25 years it seems that most are looking for a reason to pull that good ol’ race card. I have no time or pity unless it’s the truth, and with the vast majority of “racial” incidents being BS the more they happen, the less I personally care.

        • Rick Imhotep

          Yeah like COPSUCKING transcends ALL with the majority of whites who are ok with cops murdering citizens who have no gun!

      • Rick Imhotep

        OMG!!!!! When are you ignorant neanderthals going to get it through your brainless skulls. Kaepernick IS NOT DISRESPECTING THE FLAG OR AMERICA! When you’re at home watching a game DO YOU STAND? Of course not. IF you listen to him he tells you EXACTLY why he is kneeling, which IS patriotic, amazing that folks get more riled up over a black man being peaceful in his RIGHT to wonder WTF is going on in this country where WE are paying the salary of OUR MURDERERS, since MOST whites are PRO cop even when a white person who is unarmed is murdered by a cop then it’s up to black folks to speak up, politicians, media, and all that other BS will NEVER solve the problem of cops murdering citizens, then get paid leave only to be cleared of ANY charges, it’s just not statistically possible that cops are in the right 100% it’s just not! I heard the audio the other day of the pig that pulled Sandra Bland over, go listen to it for yourselves, it’s blatant bullshyt! “He feared for his safety”! I applaud the whites who DO speak out against cops killing people, you others will understand when your rights will be taken away, I’d love to see the look on your faces when a cop pulls you over for speeding and calls you a moron for going so fast and holds you at gunpoint! Cops got called to a house where neighbors said a man lived who was committing several vehicular infractions, they show up, the mans son is sitting on the porch DEAF with his metal stick which had an added leather strap for carrying(he used it to fend off dogs when he walked at night) neighbors were yelling to cops that the guy was DEAF,so long story short, they killed him, of course they will be rewarded and set back on the streets. You get more riled up about this but let that nazi shyt fly over your heads.

    • Robert Murphy

      You are more than stupid. Just a dumb-ass racist. If you can’t stay on topic then STFU…

    • Dotsy Maher



      • Jonas Blane ll

        Yet you have no negative commentary on a Navy Corpsman who mistreated the newborn babies of her fellow Navy personnel.

        • Dotsy Maher


          • Jonas Blane ll

            Since you have been publishing this for days show the comments?

    • Lucy Mauterer

      Jonas, why do you think they posted the story? Nobody CARES what color she is. She’s an evil hateful person.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        I know you don’t. That’s the typical excuse when white wrongdoing such as Allyson Thompson’s is pointed out.But you and other people here sure cared what color Colin Kaepernick is.

        • proteus

          Yeah, but she is white so wrongdoing is the wrong word.

        • Dotsy Maher

          I did not even know the dildo was mixed race…I have owned a TV in 20 years…I heard it on the radio…I heard his bullshit and thought he was another white liberal loser

    • proteus

      Focus dipwad … you sound like highest common … is he your momma?

    • mtarte

      Kapernick is a famous, well known public figure making a political statement in a game he’s paid millions to play.. This corpsman was an unknown enlisted person until she decided to do this and post it. I hope she suffers a Bad Conduct Discharge after a courts martial. As far as Kapernick goes, well, he is truly ignorant, especially some of his comments as to why he did what he did, making statements about the the police that have no basis in fact.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        Orlando “Doc” Gooden is just as unknown as Allyson Thompson and her fellow Navy Corpsman Joanie Barrett. However, all the hatemongers are making sure to make Gooden is on the same level as Kaepernick. On the other hand,we see excuses at Blue Lives Matter and other places being made for a white female that truly disrespected the military. The military she is a part of. The mistreatment of the newborn babies of her fellow military personnel. She also disrespected the medical profession. Another reason you “pro military ” people aren’t as upset with her as you are Kaepernick is because she’s mistreating black babies. If all of you truly respected the military, you’d see what Allyson did was worse than Kaepernick. I remember when white females Meagan Rapinoe and Leah Tysse didn’t stand for national anthem. The hatred wasn’t equal and they were forgotten about. The same thing will happen with Allyson Thompson.

        • Rick Imhotep

          @Jonas Blane ll …You are trying to reason with ignorant devils, save your breath. I agree 10000% with everything you’ve stated in this thread the last few days. Just let them enjoy their stupidity and bias! I still find it funny that THOSE folks being so triggered by kaepernick but NONE of them STAND when they’re sitting at home watching a game. LOL! Fools!

  • PatriotNavy

    Bye, bye. Your career in the Navy and as someone in the medical profession is sayonara.

  • Leanne Malone

    Wow… Jonas is a god damned idiot. The end.

    • proteus

      Is the blasphemy necessary?

      • Karen Nicholas

        No, but the 1st Amendment applies to EVERYone.

        • proteus

          I agree, but she doesn’t have to be a jerk! I realize a lot of atheists think that that kind of language is OK, but it offends me and triggers me. I want a safe space too.

  • david martin


  • Steve Adams

    Just absolutely disgusting !

  • Trefflek

    Corpsman Thompson will be punished. hopefully with an article 15 & dishonorably discharged.

    Ignore the trolls!!!

  • T Gentry

    She’s a female so whatever punishment she gets it’ll be a half or less of what a male would receive. Look at Bradley Manning, all he had to do is say he’s a she and poof, he’s out of prison.

  • notman88

    Figures she acts the way she does. Listens to that rap crap and is a punk ass kid Millennial.

  • SWSimpson

    That’s disgusting. Maybe she should be sterilized and barred from adopting children.

  • Rhonda M.

    Wow I cant think of words to use that wouldn’t get me in trouble here. Since I love this site and dont want banned all I can say is WOW and I also called my niece to make sure she didn’t have her little angle at this hospital.

    • Jonas Blane ll

      You can use any word and not get in trouble here ,as long as you use them against black people.

  • Charles Mitchell

    They need to spend a few years in the military stockade at Ft. Leavenworth!

  • Janet

    Why are people who are supposed to be adults so immature anymore? Its crazy, I am so glad I was not in a generation like this or raised by whoever raised these people to be terminally immature.

  • Novislav Djajic

    I don’t know about the first one but that middle finger is black. Never trust a black person with your child, they dont give a shit about anything.

  • Tactical Mack

    Ahhhh Millennials….

  • Leandro Faria dos Reis