Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys Video: Police Are Racist Killers

Alicia Keys Video: Celebrities Accuse Police Officers of Being Racist Murderers

An Alicia Keys’ video was released featuring an all star lineup of misguided artists. These celebrities have banded together to create a glorified Black Lives Matter propaganda video. This atrocious “PSA” entitled “23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America,” features celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Queen Latifah, and many more. These ignorant individuals completely undermine any steps that have been taken to help heal the drastic increase in racial tensions in this country.

Alicia Keys Video:

There are individuals featured in this video that were criminals, engaged in violent criminal acts, and were justifiably shot by the police during lawful encounters. It is absolutely disgraceful that so many celebrities would chose to ignore blatant facts which exonerate these police officers who are the true heroes here. These heroes were doing their job and they are the people celebrities should be making videos about.

A criminal resisting arrest and creating the circumstances that resulted in their death is far from “doing absolutely nothing.” Simply because of the color of theses people’s skin, celebrities are glorifying them and labeling them as victims and martyrs. The stars in this video claim their goal is to heal systemic racism. However, with nonsense like this, all they are doing is further driving a wedge between law enforcement and black Americans.

This video is simply a propaganda video for Black Lives Matter. A lot of people are influenced by the celebrities that they idolize, and when they are spewing this nonsense, people don’t think to question it. Less than a week ago, five Dallas police officers were brutally murdered by a weak-minded individual who believed this ridiculous and false rhetoric. While these artists make silly videos and throw their support behind Black Lives Matter, American heroes are getting injured and killed in the streets. It truly begs the question, what are their true motives when they release propaganda that is sure to incite violence?

The premise of the video is that the black individuals shown were instead murdered by the police for doing absolutely nothing. Each celebrity states something innocent the person was doing such as “failing to signal a lane change” (Sandra Bland) or “selling CDs on a corner” (Alton Sterling) or “holding a fake gun in Walmart” (John Crawford III). The video then blatantly states these individuals were killed “just for being black in America and doing absolutely nothing.”

Law enforcement officers understand that the public views police use-of-force differently than officers do, because the public doesn’t have the same training and experience. We understand people look at these incidents and say that they don’t believe that the police officers were justified in their actions. However, what is absolutely maddening is the assumption that whenever the public doesn’t understand why force was used, then if the person was black, it is presumed that their race was the reason. Police are using that same force against white people for the exact same reasons that they use force against black people.

If the America wants to have a discussion about police force, independent of race, that’s a discussion that we can actually have because it centers around a difference of opinion. However, having a discussion about police using force based on race would be like having a discussion with a mad man; we’d be talking with people who see and hear things that don’t exist, and expect us to acknowledge that those things are real.

  • Cynthia Pierson-Hughes

    It’s past time we show these “celebrities” what we think of them………. at the box office, the record stores, and concert sites. If you don’t want to get shot remove yourself from thug game! Lawbreakers are responsible for their actions and the consequences of them. These people will never garner support for their riotous behaviors except from like-minded thugs.

  • Karen Bartlett

    I will not buy or listen to these singers’. Let’s all boycott their music.

  • Mike

    What the hell many of these people are mixed. I tell my kids never deny who you are. I will be boycotting these people. They ignore the truth. Bono can go back to Ireland. Pink who cares. Chris Rock, Beyonce Common, Alicia Keys and others. Lets see how they do with no polce protection. Fuck them

  • Ana

    These should tell us what kind of idiots are singing trash lyrics to America’s children, banned them from your home.

  • Craig Snyder

    I will support and continue to support these singers who have chosen to take a stand against police brutality. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Common and anyone who stands with BlackLivesMatter are the true American heros. Not the racist cops who shoot first and get away with it. This article is nothing but right-wing conservative bullshit, and I won’t stand for it.

    • Johnnie

      Police Brutality? Get the facts. 70% of all people shot nationwide by police are WHITE. Not non-black WHITE. That means 30% are non-white (black, Hispanic and Asian). That equals to nearly 2 1/2 times as often. If you want to discuss this lets talk facts. and let’s not forget police face the facts. They don’t hide and ambush anyone like cowards. ALL LIVES MATTER. All the black lives matter has created is a greater separation between Americans (that is what we all are and the sooner everyone remembers that the better.

    • Marge W

      And this video isn’t racist left wing liberal bullshit? They’re labeling all cops as being racists. In any given moment of the day, there are hundreds of thousand of civilian/police encounters happening. But the liberal biased MSM only reports the ones that they know will stir people up and you fall for it every time. You say you, for one, won’t stand for it. Try being part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    • Steve D Zimmerman

      BLM are heroes?They’re a hate group! Of course standing up for Police Brutality is extremely commendable. ….but calling all police racists is as asinine as calling all black people thugs! People should be judged individually not collectively

    • It’s the lack of information or actually the desire for it that is the problem. Please if you want to take a stand have all facts straight. It is a statistical fact that more whites, not blacks, are killed by police. Blacklivesmatter movement which may have started with good intenintentions has become terroristic in their tactics. If celebrities and the movement TRULY cared about Black Lives they would be targeting drug dealers and gangs the true killers. But sadly the movement is being infiltrated and lead by them to snuff out the only organizations standing in their way-The Police. If eliminated who will protect the truly innocent from the gangs? Do you think the celebrities will help then? Maybe share their private security with their adoring fans? It’s easy to go after Police, store owners, and traffic. It’s too difficult and dangerous to go after the real threat- drug dealers and gangs. They truly kill without question or reason it’s best to leave that up to the police…oh wait nevermind

    • Meghan

      How about this get up put your big boy pants on ..along with a bullet proof vest , a badge and a gun. And you serve your community as an officer of the law. You put your ignorant ass in the place of those officers you call racist.. bet you won’t be so quick to put your foot in your mouth. This whole black lives matter is honestly as bad as the Nazi’s ..yeah they said all this bullshit before blm ..they blamed Jews for all the problems and what next ..ashwitz, burning,people ,starving ,murder of thousands of people. . So what’s next is blm gonna start a holocaust on white police officers ..better yet all Americans that are not black .. I’m disappointed that artist would be so prejudice. .blows my mind

      • Officer Blue

        Black Lives Matter protesters are a far cry from a genocidal dictatorship.

  • jeff edwards

    blm is the same as sla

  • jeff edwards

    MLK would be rolling in his grave

  • Luis

    I have read this post, well it seems that since the super bowl and after the police fraternity protested against Beyonce decision to support the back panthers they took it personal instead of being in the middle and provide a solution they decided to go the other way.We can show them and everybody else that supports violence by supporting Taylor swift which is being constantly attacked by Kenia west…that America is about helping each other and not attacking each other.
    Taylor Swift is an example that avoid violence and does not discriminate anyone.
    Tell the Police fraternity and Law Enforcement Agencies and everybody that wants to get involved that Taylor Swift will received your support.

    Thats a way to show that we can get together as a Nation and we want to do the right thing instead of doing cheap violence propaganda.

  • Done

    Oh Wow! I’m sure that will really hurt their sales… put them in bankruptcy…. NOT

  • Bt

    Just because you have money does not mean you have commom sense. These people are irrational and have no idea how the real world works. They jump to conclusion before the facts are presented just like TARAJI who made a big racist stink because she said her son was harrased by the police and his rights were violated. Then once the dashcam video was realeased it showed her son was lying. Also these dumb idiots forget that Trayvon Martin was not killed by police but a over zealous community watch captain. Sandra commited suicide , the guy at the gas station had a gun and the list goes on. Now are some shootings questionable YES like getting shot in the back as your running. OK shit happens but you have unarmed white people that get shot just as much as black. I know how we can adjust these celebrities attitudes. When ever they come to town provide them with no police escort or security at there venue. Lets see what happens then. Also I am considered a black man and I am from Baltimore. These people make me sick they riot over Freddie Gray but you dont riot over the constant black on black killings that happen every day.

  • Just deleted the only Alicia keys song from my phone. …

  • Linda Crampton

    Just you can be an idiot and be famous. Do you idiots realize in Chicago alone, blacks kill more of their own people than anyone you know that more whites were killed last year than blacks. Obviously you open your mouths without knowing facts. People like you are the reason I am afraid for my children and grandchildren. Grow up

  • Kimber

    Celebrities? Hah, they require SO much police protection as they move city to city on tour, this is laughable!
    Hey celebs, call BLM when you need protection from the people you entertain! You know they will not leave empty handed, they want a piece of the pie! (So, keep your things locked up!)

  • Charlotte Murphy

    They are all hate mongers. I hope their payback is severe.

  • nigel gates

    Surely promoting hatred, which is what these fools are doing, is a crime but as they’re considered to be considered celebrities they can get away with it.

  • Lynn Brown

    Pieces of shit !! but O’ when you NEED the police to protect your asses you have no problem whining for them — and now you want to criticize them ~ If I were a Police officer I would NEVER defend or protect you again WHY don’t you PAY for Private Security people 24/7/365 to watch over your asses

  • Crystal

    What they aren’t telling is… what led up to the shooting or being killed….. probably not complying, resisting… and why would you hold a fake gun in ANY public place?? Officers see that as a threat, how the hell are they suppose to know it’s fake. Give me a break, don’t just show what you BELIEVED they got killed for, show what actually happened that led up to it.

  • Bowen

    Well of course Rihanna is against Cops. She thinks its ok to let Chris Brown beat the shit out of her. They get to sit back and enjoy the front row, mansion seats, and pass judgement. Let your security details go bodyguards and see who you call for help.

  • It is disheartening that BLM truly is a terrorist group now promoted by a few celebrities -who have made millions by doing a JOB = performing – = intelligence NOT REQUIRED!!
    Most of those portrayed in the video suffered the consequences of their actions = non-compliance with the law! The police do a JOB protecting all Americans according to our laws. Because their job warrants the use of weapons, we the public should RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITY & APPRECIATE IT!! It starts in the home people! Teach your children!
    The energy wasted making this video – promoting further racial divisions in our society – could better have served Americans by promoting ways to HEAL THE WOUNDS & STOP THE TERROR!! More deaths will do nothing to move America forward!!
    Sad & Disgusted & boycotting these ignorant fools!
    Because of this video I am now – ex-supporter of BLM the group! Always a firm supporter of the fact that BLM because ALL LIVES MATTER!! INCLUDING EVERY BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, HISPANIC POLICE OFFICER!!!
    God Bless The BLUE & God Bless America

  • Debra.

    We can hate and fight and turn on each other. The end result will be we as a nation will become vulnerable to a hostile takeover. It’s already happening right before our eyes. Wake up everyone. If the haters can cause us to fight amongst ourselves , the takeover will be easier. . We have lost focus as a nation. When America goes to war with each other , we have become like all other countries who have fallen for the Same reasons. We will not be great any longer. We will be fighting for the freedom that we are so carelessly giving away. It’s time we all wake up. If not here , where then. Where on this planet will you live that’s better. If there’s better , you may want to go , because we are tearing our nation apart while the vultures sit waiting in the wings for our weakest hour and they will surely pounce. Do you really care what color the person standing beside you is when that time comes. I know I don’t , never have. I don’t look at color , I look at people.

  • Brittany

    What a bunch of blind idiots!! I will never listen to your music or watch your movies again! All lives matter!

  • Mic

    I officially ban any of these haters songs! You should be ashamed of yourselves!
    The video states all these people were doing ” absolutely nothing” I hope you all have a lawsuit put against you! Slander without true facts is a good cause for a lawsuit.

  • Martin

    Do any of these “artists”, realize that the police kill more White people, in America, than Black? Do any of them think it is racist, when a White person is killed, or is it only racism, when Blacks are killed?

  • kim

    Hmmmmm! The truth hurts….listen to all these barking dogs!

    • Stacey Brooks

      There was no truth to that video. Telling partial truth is still a lie. They are the ones who cant see past color. These people have destroyed there own communities over a criminal. That is IGNORANCE!!!

  • Calli

    It must be true police are racist killers since statistics say there are more white people shot by cops then black people but the media focuses more on the black community. If you let celebrities and the media do your thinking for you and not do your own research maybe you are the problem in this country. Wake up people if you feed more fire to the flame base on other people’s opinions then this country truly in heading to the shitter

  • Lori

    I can NOT believe in 2016 people have NOT evolved into unity… shit like this keeps up the hate and distruction of our Country, Community and Our Neighborhoods! How stupid can WE BE? All I have to say is I am so glad I dont listen to this crappy music and will NOT attend any movie these so call artiest are in.

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  • Lynn B

    I feel it’s time for these “Celebrity” People to NOT be given special coverage by the police at there Concerts Shows — LET THEM PAY FOR IT !! I’m sure there “Fan” won’t mind picking up an extra $50 or so added to there tickets for Security !! or the personal security they give to these Big Shots when out in public — These Hypocrites Reap the rewards of the Police then Back Stab them !!