Albuquerque Judge Released Woman Who Beat Officer On Head With Rock Because…

An Albuquerque woman beat a police officer and then was released by a judge who failed at  their job.

An Albuquerque woman beat a police officer and then was released by a judge who failed at their job.

Albuquerque Judge Released Woman Who Beat Officer On Head With Rock Because She Wasn’t Identified On Probable Cause Form

Albuquerque, New Mexico – A brutal attack on an Albuquerque Police Officer was captured on the officer’s body camera, but the judge released her because of a paperwork technicality.

KRQE reports that on September 21st, an officer contacted a woman sleeping next to a vacant building. The woman’s hand was down her pants, and the officer asked her to move her hand so that he wouldn’t need to be concerned about a weapon. The woman then snapped, and jumped up and began to beat the officer on the head with her purse, which had a large rock in it.

In the video, the officer can be seen dripping blood as he remains calm and tries to get the woman under control. The woman bit the officer during the struggle. The woman was booked for assaulting the officer.

When police officers book somebody into jail, they need to complete paperwork for a judge to review to determine if there was probable cause for the arrest. The woman was unable to be identified, so the officer just referred to her as a “woman.” When suspects are booked into jail, it usually isn’t a big deal if they have been identified or not. The courts will generally not release somebody without first identifying them.

However, the judge in this case decided that since the probable cause form lacked identification information like the defendant’s date of birth, address, and Social Security number, she could not be held. Rather than ask the woman to identify herself, the judge reportedly released this violent criminal.

This doesn’t mean that the woman won’t be facing charges though. There’s more than enough evidence to prosecute her for assault once the prosecutor re-files charges, if they can only figure out who the woman is.

Albuquerque PD released the following statement:

The Albuquerque Police Department needs your help to identify a woman who hit an officer in the head with a rock, resulting in significant injury. The woman was arrested for the attack, but quickly released on her own recognizance and was not even identified before being released. The woman, only known as Jane Doe, is clearly dangerous and capable of violence. She is now out of jail and her whereabouts are unknown. If you see this woman please do not approach her. Call police if you know her identity or location.

The officer did receive 4 staples in his head and is recovering and back to work. He is grateful that his injuries were not more serious after the brutal attack.

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