Alan Brock Steals Machete, Goes On Bloody Rampage, Then Goes For Baby And Heroes Step In

Alan Brock Jr. was stopped from attacking a baby with a machete.

Alan Brock Jr. was stopped from attacking a baby with a machete.

Machete Attacker Stopped From Going After Baby

Woodburn, OR – Alan Brock Jr. went on a bloody mass-chopping spree which started at a Walmart in Woodburn, and three men got hurt while protecting a 1-year-old.

According to KATU, Alan Brock, 29, was in Walmart around 10 PM on Monday when he started to smash the glass display cases and he stole ammunition and a machete. Brock then started swinging the machete at the Walmart greeter, saying that he would kill him.

After attacking the Walmart greeter, Alan Brock got into a stolen vehicle and crashed it into the side of an apartment complex. Brock wasn’t done yet; he then tried to rob a 56-year-old woman who was out for a walk with her daughter.

“He was chasing her and they were running and he brought up his hand like he was gonna hit her with the machete and the daughter screamed at him,” city spokesman Jason Horton said, “and he stopped, grabbed her purse, which was on her shoulder and that’s what pulled her down.”

Alan Brock then ran to a second floor apartment and knocked the door down. There was a 1-year-old inside, and three men tried to protect the 1-year-old. Brock attacked those men instead of the baby, leading to one getting slashed across the throat and another in the head. The baby was unharmed.

Brock then fled and police located him in a stairwell nearby where he was taken into custody.

Alan Brock was denied bail, and is being held on charges of attempted murder, robbery, assault and burglary. All of his victims are expected to survive. Brock’s criminal history unlawful possession of methamphetamine, heroin, and firearms.

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