Citizens Aid Trooper in Arrest of Drugged Driver, Marc LeBeau

Citizens Aid Trooper in Arrest of Drugged Driver, Marc LeBeau

Meza, AZ – An Arizona State Trooper was arresting a suspect, Marc Lebeau, after a traffic stop on Monday when the suspect started to resist arrest. The event was captured on video as the man fought with the Trooper. Two good Samaritans stopped and assisted him.

The trooper had pulled the driver over for criminal speeding. The driver, Marc LeBeau, 34, was high on drugs and had been driving 95 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. LeBeau was slow to stop and had opened his car door as the Trooper approached. The trooper identified himself and explained the reason for the stop; the trooper then attempted to take LeBeau into custody. LeBeau then began pushing the trooper and actively resisting arrest. While LeBeau was resisting, the trooper was able to get one of LeBeau’s wrists handcuffed, but was struggling with LeBeau for control over his second wrist.

The trooper attempted to get Marc LeBeau over to the curb to finish the arrest, but because of LeBeau’s combative nature, the struggle transitioned on to the hot pavement. Lt. Colonel Daniel Lugo, Assistant Director of AZ DPS was quoted as saying “We don’t get to pick the location a combative suspect wants to fight…they do. Thanks to two courageous citizens helping our trooper, we were able to gain control of Mr. LeBeau and get him in the back of a police car before he seriously hurt himself or our trooper.”

Four vehicles arrived at the scene while the trooper was fighting with the suspect. Two people activated the cameras on their phones and watched as the suspect fought with the trooper. In the first video, the first citizen to assist came in at 1:52 – showing that this trooper was in combat for almost two minutes with two people watching.

Thankfully, two citizens did come to assist the trooper. Within 30 seconds the arrest was completed. Marc LeBeau was treated at the scene for minor scrapes and was taken to the hospital for evaluation due to the drugs in his system.

If it weren’t for the help of these citizens, there’s no telling how long the fight may have lasted.

Here is the second video:

  • ladywriter24

    why didn’t one of the two people filming this on their phones go to help the officer? I’m glad the other two people stopped to help him. this could’ve ended very badly. it’s a shame that the first thing people think of nowadays is to quick….turn on the record on their phones rather than step up and help someone. very sad.

    • USMC_Daddy

      One reason is they may have been women. I wouldn’t want my wife or daughter trying. I on the other hand have Blue’s back if they need me just like they have mine 24/7.

  • usmc650736

    I love the officer’s snark at the end: “Look at that! Holy shit! Nice and cold in there, huh? Didn’t have to go through all that bullshit!”

  • MolonLabe#tryme

    This kids is why drugs are bad, mmmkay?

    • tvonthebrain

      precisely my thoughts

  • tvonthebrain

    what a wimp

  • Anti-Levy

    that idiot filming this episode is what is wrong with this society today… why in the hell didn’t he or she help the trooper…?

  • Rachel

    Lol I was laughing so hard at that cops remarks I starting tearing up!!! Lmao… hey dumb dumb next time choose a different time of day in arizona to break the law like rest of us do like oh idk like night time haha