6 Shot, 3 Dead, Baton Rouge Police Officers Under Fire

6 Shot, 3 Dead, Baton Rouge Police Officers Under Fire

3 Baton Rouge Police Officers Shot

3 Baton Rouge Police Officers Shot

Breaking News Update: Reports are coming in stating that the shooting may have stemmed from officers responding to a shootout between multiple suspects.

Three officers are confirmed dead and one is critically injured and two are non-critical after a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sunday morning.

One suspected shooter has been put down, but law enforcement believe there may be two more of these animals at large…and yes, we said “animals” because anyone willing to unjustifiably kill another human being is an animal.

Original Story: 6 Baton Rouge Police Officers have been shot by what appears to have been a lone gunman dressed in black armed with a rifle. 3 officers are reportedly dead. A manhunt for the this piece of trash this is underway.

It is feared that this brutal attack on police could be in retaliation for the justifiable shooting of Alton Sterling which occurred in Baton Rouge just a little over a week ago.

This is yet another tragedy in the wake of the 5 officers killed in Dallas. Please keep these heroes, their families, and their fellow officers in your thoughts and prayers.

It is time for this to stop. Enough is enough.

USA TODAY reports:

Three police officers have been shot dead in Baton Rouge, La., and others may have been wounded, authorities said Sunday.

The three officers were shot near the department headquarters, Baton Route Mayor Kip Holden told MSNBC. At least four others were injured in the shooting, he said.

“They are investigating,” he said. “Right now we are trying to get our arms around everything.”

Two Baton Rouge police officers and one East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy are dead, according to WBRZ-TV’s Michael Vinsanau.

The gunman was shot, a Louisiana State Police spokesman said, but his condition was not immediately clear.

Both lanes of Airline Highway are shut down from Goodwood Boulevard to Old Hammond Highway and from Old Hammond to Drusilla Drive, according to East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks. The scene is still active, Hicks told The Advocate.

The Baton Rouge mayor’s office urged urged people to stay home, stay off the streets for now in immediate wake of police shooting, according to The Advocate.

  • Joe Fyffe

    Kill the BASTARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Renee Goundie

    The people who are doing the killings don’t want to hear statistics. Vigilante force will soon be the topic of news headlines because some “higher-ups” refuse to call these cop killers, TERRORISTS.

  • Beth Gibson

    Any police officers reading this: Quit your jobs. Don’t risk your lives for trash that don’t care about you. They are not worth it.

    • Joe

      Beth I am now a retired Deputy out of San Diego and appreciate your concern for the Officers. However we took the job to protect and serve wheather you are the bad guy or the good guy. The victim being and the rest of the good people #1 of course and that is why we won’t quit.

  • Bob Minion

    It is disheartening that police ambushes seem to be the “new norm”. It is also ridiculous that those “journalists” who are in a hurry to get the story out first do not check their work for accuracy or errors. These news reporters are nothing more than hacks. Get it right. You might be delighted that people gravitate to professional standards more so than an event cranked out on their IPhone.

  • Kristin

    I pray the officers find this animal! Black lives matter is a JOKE! If they mattered, they’d matter everywhere and not just when thugs stand to gain something! More of our innocent heroes taken by a coward!

  • Maura

    This disgusts me! Where is our world going? Taking guns away does nothing. Obeying laws already on books is needed. The thugs don’t deal with laws.

  • Ralanda Richard

    I love you and I love them We must do better as American’s we can and we will do better in the name of Jesus Christ !!!

    • Christie

      This is the agenda to set up for federal policing our city police department
      I’ll be surprised if we even make it to the election without any catastrophe

  • Hyong

    Animals.. Black lies matter

  • Hold up. “Justifiable shooting”? I think it’s atrocious that police are getting attacked, but not owning up to some of these cold blooded police murders is exactly why these things are happening. Instead of blindly supporting every police action out there, acknowledge that there ARE some bad police and mis-steps happen. If you didn’t so blindly support your own every time no matter what, and held some accountable once in a while, there wouldn’t be these tensions.

    • Lisa

      The people who decided to kill innocent cops who had nothing to do with those other national headline shootings are the ONLY ones responsible for their own actions. There is NO excuse for holding every cop accountable for the actions of the ones you seem as “bad cops.” This is madness and it is going to backfire. There are more people ready to back the cops than BLM protesters so I’d say if this doesn’t stop we better all be prepared to take action.

    • Mary Merrill

      Were you there?? You see a small clip on the news and instantly say it’s the cops fault! You don’t know “yet” what transpired BEFORE someone started recording. Note…..DON’T RESIST!!

      • What is wrong with the world

        there have been a number of cases where people have not resisted and simply asked why they are being arrested and they still have been killed. You mean to tell me that their deaths are justified? I wasn’t aware that the police had the authority to execute citizens on the spot.

        • Sam


        • Sit Down and Shut Up

          Nobody said those nebulous cases that probably don’t exist were justified you mook.
          The author said the Alton Sterling shoot was justifiable, the morons attacking cops are using the Alton Sterling shoot as their justification on the erroneous premise that it wasn’t justified.

          • You only matter if you’re rich

            That’s right some reporter said it was justifiable. Doesn’t mean it was. And if you think it was your part of the problem. The real animals are high up watching people tear society apart. Keep it up and maybe we’ll all be able to run around and kill each other. Wouldn’t that be fun.

    • Sierra

      Agree 100%!!! When I saw “justifiable shooting,” I wondered in what world of laws and the Justice system does that fit into? Since when did our law enforcement officers become the judge, jury, and executioner WHILE making an arrest?

    • Yes, seriousl

      I’m not a police officer so I’m not”protecting my own”. There have been very few, if any, killings by police that aren’t justified. Our judicial system is overly aggressive at sending police to trial, but how many convictions happen? Hands up, don’t shoot. That’s right, put your damn hands up, obey the police officer and you won’t be shot. Blacks kill 6 times more often per capital than whites so it’s no wonder police engage with violent blacks so often. I suggest it isn’t police being racist towards blacks, but that blacks are creating the situations themselves.

      • Razorramon

        I can only disagree with you.
        1- if the media is going to show this then all facts need to be displayed.
        2- your wrong. They are plenty of unjustified shootings that became justified because no one was watching “big brother”. Please don’t try to say otherwise. The only good thing about media and all this posting is that in fact we are seeing what is happening.
        3- of course killing cops like that is wrong. But all I hear is “killing cops is the mortal sin – it has to stop” What about killing people who don’t deserve to die because they may have broken a law (may have because we are all innocent until proven guilty) Resisting is not an excuse for killing. Get back-up. Get more cops. It’s that simple back away from the suspect tell him we are bringing reinforcements.
        4- BLM (black – blue – purple – green) how about, ALM (All Lives Matter) movement?

        All these acronyms that segregate us. Why? Why does there have to be a BET? How about just a network? Why does color and race have to be separated? All racist enuendos need to stop. We need to unite. And yes there is still racism in this country. A lot of it. And it’s not just from whites it’s from all nationalities.

        Keep showing people getting killed because of traffic stops and keep saying their justified. Keep watching people get upset loose it and keep killing police officers.

    • Ann

      Exactly what I thought when I read this! The killing of innocent cops is “unjustifiable” (which it is), but when referring to an innocent black man getting killed by a cop, it’s “justifiable”?? And there lies the problem. Smdh….

    • Marcie

      Very well stated …. very true

  • Deon

    This is why cops are starting to shoot first more and more often.

    • No no you have it backwards that’s why cops are getting shot more and more these days. Cops have been shooting n****** for years and getting away with it

  • Those individuals who orchestrated this attack, those networked violent extremists who plot acts of terror, those who are witting or unwittingly co-opted in their plans, and those who show their willingness to advocate, facilitate, or use violence for political purpose, we are coming for you, we are relentless, and we will not stop until justice is done. #NoRestForTheWicked

    • Yeah this system to systematically killing all those people of color and that’s okay and then they wonder why all of a sudden they start getting shot like it’s unjustified FOH

  • RPD

    Wow. Not again! I trust the Baton Rouge PD has this well in hand. Stay safe out there. We pray for the families, friends and colleagues of these officers.

    ps: the spelling in this article needs a spellcheck.

  • FR

    This is awful news. Can you be more specific about what happened? Were officers responding to a complaint or did they just come under fire?

  • Deborah Herndon

    This is tragic. Once again Police officers were gunned down while doing their sworn duties! Americans need to realize that we all need protection from these officers. We don’t need to shoot them down. We are fighting a war on terror as it is, do we really need to be murdering our police officers, or anyone for that matter. We need to pull together as the name of our country suggests, The United States of America. It’s high time that we lived up to our legacy put down by our forefathers! Police are held accountable when you do get the few who disgrace the uniform. Let the judicial system do what it’s designed to do! We, as a people cannot take vengeance into our own hands nor use the actions of so few to take street justice to it’s lowest level.

  • Ron

    Time for the Gangster on the Golf Course to stop his shameful equivocation. His pathetic speech at the Dallas memorial service will, hopefully, encourage those planning yet another memorial for fallen heroes to request, strongly, that he stay away. His presence profanes the brave and honorable.

  • MLW

    BLM gangs protest, whenever a thug dies due to his or her own actions. Why didn’t they protest for the death of, the 9 year old girl Jamyla Bolden, who was killed by a stray bullet from the gun of a thug in her neighborhood, while doing her homework?
    BLM is just another excuse for thugs to get together and cause havoc in the streets. They are the prejudice and racist They are the dividers of race. They are disrespectful and a menace to society.
    I’m all for peaceful demonstrations but these are just a bunch of ignorant thugs. Why not stand together and make a difference???

    • These comments are so ignorant. Nobody complains when a thug is shot We complain when our innocent black men are shot to death by the hands who have been sworn to protect us. People call this unjustified when you knew what the outcome would be when you when you allow police how to get away with murder over and over. Now black lives matter movement is racist what a joke. all of those people have no problem with any other race or any other human you mother f****** are sick. The only terrorists are you group of white hatred hearted mother f****** on this God damn site

    • Johnnie

      I couldn’t agree more. They hide behind the guise of equality yet they don’t address the fact that more black men are killed by other black men nationwide than by police annually. They ignore the facts that neatly all those portrayed in the video, were shot AFTER committing a crime. Don’t get me wrong, there are bad cops out there but the media is painting LEO’s as all bad so as not to upset BLM. All LEO shootings were in the open. Both LEO massacres were perpetrated by cowards in an ambush that BLM supports. Like many of you have said, protest peacefully and I respect that even encourage it. But if you are not going to offer solutions you are just another part of the problem.

      • Just saying

        To (Kenny) for someone of your character, I’m really not shocked to see the extent of your own ignorance when it comes to the matter of whether or not police should or should not use deadly force against criminals. It’s not surprising that you would feel like cops are trying kill black people for just doing what they always do. But to blame the cops for this is where the problem for me starts, the true blame is undoubtedly the inner city black culture. You see when the only examples for young inner city black children are drug dealers, murderers, thugs, and racists then that’s unfortunately what most of them become. Its really sad this is the reality that they face day after day, but it’s even sadder to me that these types of roll models are not only accepted, but hailed and heros in the “Hood”. The simple truth is that you and your culture need to finally take some responsibility for for the ingnorance that is destroying your people and dividing our country. So if you want for more than just your voice to be heard, take action in your own community and help make a change that will actually contribute to this great county of “OURS”(you&me) and not take away from it!

  • Chris

    As a cop and a black man, I asked that you stop referring to the suspects as animals. When law enforcement use such words to describe suspects (prodominently blacks) or their actions, the media and such groups as BLM love to use them against us. In turn, we are labeled as racist, prejudice etc. We are better than that. Don’t give them ammo to use against us.

    • I agree sir…there is too much ammo of that type around. May I also say to you and all LEO’s Thank you for doing what you do..

    • Heather Papillion

      it was a black trooper who gave me a 179.00 seat belt ticket 12 days before my wedding, protect and serve my ass! Had his hand at his gun thru the entire stop.


    • kathy

      What the hell is going on ?more police officers are dead .These black thugs don’t deserve j

      To have a life. Obama started all of this shit.God help us. Its just the thugs that are doing this.There are good black people.some of my best friends.I’m white and I don’t look at them any different then me.These thugs and the DA in the Freddy case has done this .

  • Kenny

    F*** you you white people are f****** terrorist. You’ve been murdering blacks for many many many mother f****** years

  • Mark

    Hillar Moore, the DA who refused to prosecute protesters last week, needs to be prosecuted himself. He is partially at fault for this.

    • I realize that constitutional rights aren’t, y’know, popular around here (heyyyy, 5th, 14th.. cough cough) but right to assembly is part of the first amendment. It was one of the very first things our founding fathers included because it’s IMPORTANT.

  • David

    Just send another Katrina, it did the trick last time.

  • Zo

    I’m sick for these cops and their familyies. I hope this shooter rots in hell, but when you call Alton Brown’s shooting “justifiable” you’re also part of the problem and just as big of a jokes as the idiots you mock .

  • Anyone calling for the killing of a member of Law Enforcement should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit homocide….period no matter where they are….whether or not they’ve had direct contact with the perpetrator(s)… as leadets in BLM have done publicly….there is no explanation worthy for them to claim innocence….not just BLM but everyone should be accountable. If I were to do so in any public forum I would be investigated. If the statements I made inspired or provoked an attack I would just as guilty as the perpetrator

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  • Elizabeth

    This is digusting to me. All sparked. From a shooting. BLM and the new black panthers. They are am bushing police officers for nothing.. An for what.. A man was shot by police. An the news has painted him as a loving father.. which he had a rap sheet a mile long. An was a sex offenders who failed to register. An a felon who was not suppose to be in possession of a gun. An he had been treating someone with that gun he was not to have. An that is why the police were called… an he was asked several times to get on the ground. An refused.. so he was tackled and put on the ground.. an this was not the first time he refused to obey a direct order.. Do I believe he deserved to die no.. But he was not innocent.. An all . these riot and marches. It has nothing to do with these black men that have died. It is an excuse to go out and riot and kill. BECAUSE I am a minority and can do it. I say lock em up. People that have jobs and are missing work to cause trouble fire em.. .I am an American who.is sick of everything being black or white. There have been more white men killed by police in 2016 than black. Why are they not talked about. Because they are white.. SO IT IS NOT A RACE ISSUE.. It.is a bunch of thugs that want to cause trouble

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  • Haile

    I will say this to all who believe that homicide cannot be justified. Until you are in a life or death situation where you or some innocent may die at the hands of someone who is intent on severe bodily harm or death to you or the innocent you have no understanding of the value of life. Your life would seem to be most precious and you would do whatever it takes to ensure that you survive.
    For you who believe that all are guilty for the actions of a few. YOU should then be held accountable for the actions of a few. Think on that!!

  • Haile

    I will say this to all who believe that homicide cannot be justified. Until you are in a life or death situation where you or some innocent may die at the hands of someone who is intent on severe bodily harm or death to you or the innocent you have no understanding of the value of life. Your life would seem to be most precious and you would do whatever it takes to ensure that you survive.
    For you who believe that all are guilty for the actions of a few. YOU should then be held accountable for the actions of a few. Think on that!!!

  • Mary Lou White

    BLUE LIVES MATTER, BLM has become a JOKE. Just a bunch of racist terrorist thugs. ANIMALS!!

  • Nina

    “Justifiable shooting of Alton Sterling” you’re an idiot!

  • Lynn


  • WOW

    I say all polic just quit your jobs and let’s see who they call when they need someone. Biting the hand that feeds you and protects your community from your own kind isn’t smart. But look at who we are talking about.

  • Wantstoseechangeinourcountry

    How in the hell was the “murder” of A. Sterling “justifiable”????????????Really makes me sick to read garbage like this!!! Don’t get me wrong there is NO excuse to ever shoot another human and I can only hope that the violence ends bit referring to Sterlings murder as justified is absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe

    Animals huh…
    What do you call a young punk who killed nine in church?
    Oh I forgot, he has mental issues. Let’s just handcuff him and escort him out peacefully.
    Hypocrites All!

    • Haile

      You are an idiot! He would have been shot too had he been fighting police and reaching for a gun. It isn’t about race. It is all about how one reacts when the police cone to get them. Any threatening behavior towards the police or others when they get there will only lead to a bad outcome.

  • Jeannae

    So you don’t think that the shooting of Alton Sterling was justified? Let’s look at this…
    First, the cops were called because a said suspect flashed a gun and threatened someone. Had he not, none of this would have even taken place.
    Secondly, the officers used a tazer on him first and to no avail, he clearly was still trying to resist.
    Third, Alton Sterling indeed had a gun in his possession as you can see the officers remove it from his pocket.
    That leaves me to one question? Can you see how this could have very easily gone a different way and possibly for the worse?
    Ask yourself, who was video taping? BYSTANDERS
    “Protect and to serve,” does this not include bystanders as well? How many of these bystanders were African American and how many African American lives did these cops potentially save by disarming a resistive Alton Sterling? This is my only issue when it comes to BLM, which ones matter exactly? The cops were not called there because Alton Sterling was black, they were called because he had a gun. Yet, BLM will use him for their agenda of “white” cops shooting “black” men. So had it all went a different way and innocent African American bystanders were shot accidently instead. Would their lives have mattered equally as much?

  • Kat

    These killers shouldn’t be referred to as ‘animals’. Animals do not kill for pleasure. They kill to survive for food or defense. These human killers should be referred to by media as ‘poorly parented-oxygen wasting-earth scum’ that need to be dropped in the nearest volcano.

  • Paul

    Lol everyone is either complaining, listing what they think is the issue or aimlessly placing blame, but not a single one of you has proposed a solution.

  • WTF America

    You know when I think about shit like this going down, it has become an all out war now. This shit has become a us vs them type of issue. This whole Blue lives matter, Black lives matter…they’re all bullshit. It has become an us vs them now. Everyone has 1 life to live, once it’s taken that is it… I hear stories about the SWAT officer who accidentally discharged his weapon during a raid and killed a toddle sleeping on couch, and the officer gets off with it. Negligence is no excuse. The shooting of Philando Castile, officer tells him to get his license and registration and kills the guys for reaching for his wallet. If you can’t handle the stress and accept the risks that are involved with this line of profession then you shouldn’t be in it. The fact is the requirements to become an officer is to low in the US, all you need is a high school education. I don’t agree with this whole killing of cops, but it’s going to continue to happen because all the bad cops are not being held accountable of their actions therefor good cops are going to die…WTF America is going on?

  • Sr

    Can ANYONE please tell me how the Black Lives Matter or better know as BLM movement is ANY DIFFERENT then the KKK???!!!!
    The only difference is the color of their skin!!!!
    BLM has set this Country back 50 years with their movement!!!! Their war on lawenfocement in NOT JUSTIFIED!!!!
    They are THUGS who want to rape, loot, kill and terrorize communities and then blame Lawenfocement when they get caught!!!!