11-Year-Old Boy Calls Police About His Father, Yamil Mercado, Dealing Drugs In Their House

Yamil Mercado was turned in by his 11-year-old son for dealing drugs.

Yamil Mercado was turned in by his 11-year-old son for dealing drugs.

11-Year-Old Turned In Drug Dealing Father, Yamil Mercado

Lawrence, MA –  An 11-year-old boy called police on Wednesday to tell them that his father was selling drugs.

Police received a report from the boy that his father had drugs in his luggage, and had been selling drugs earlier in the day, according to CBS News.  The child told officers that he and his 13-year-old cousin found what they thought were drugs in his father’s suitcase.

The child also told police that he thought he saw his father complete a drug deal after he returned home from school that afternoon.

According to the police report, the child told them that “he is almost 100 percent sure his father …is back into drug sales.”

Officers responded, and found more than 200 grams of heroin and fentanyl packed in plastic bags, with a street value of $8,500, in the luggage.

The boy, whose name was not released, had also called and reported his father to the Department of Children and Families for dealing drugs, about a year ago.

According to prosecutors, the boy’s father, Yamil Mercado, age 41, was arraigned on Friday on charges of trafficking heroin and reckless endangerment of a child.  He entered a plea of not guilty through his public defender, and was ordered held without bail pending a ‘dangerousness hearing’ that was requested by the District Attorney’s Office, according to The Boston Globe.

Mercado could be held for up to 90 days if a judge rules that he ‘poses’ a danger to the public.  He has a previous criminal history including convictions of driving with a suspended license, and 2013 drug charges that were dismissed after he complied with judge’s orders.

In court, family members portrayed Mercado and the family itself as the victim.  They said that Mercado’s mother is ill, and embarrassed about what had happened, and that the child is doing fine.  They also said that Mercado had been ‘struggling’ and had to go back home and live with his mother.  One family member said that he wasn’t ‘mentally sane’ and that if they had known they could have gotten him help.

Mercado and the child’s mother were once married but she filed for a restraining order after Mercado allegedly threatened her with a knife and accused her of going out to a club when she returned home late one night.  Court documents show that the mother, Scarlet Jimenez, who is believed to live out of state, has primary custody of the child.  It is unknown why he is living with his father, or the circumstances that led him there.

Police Chief Fitzpatrick said on Friday that the “suspected drugs posed a life-threatening risk to the child.” He said that the child is now living at “an undisclosed location” in the city and police are providing protection for him. He said, “I think he is very courageous and brave”.

Chief Fitzpatrick said that it was the first time in his career that he had seen someone report a parent to the police for dealing drugs.  He said, “We know that it was difficult for him, but it was for the best.”

DCF said that they could not comment on the case because of state and confidentiality laws.

This child is truly brave.  He deserves a home where he feels safe, and loved, and not where he has to deal with drugs in the home, and drug-dealing in the home. I’m glad he’s safe now.

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